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  1. Bad Memories and Love

    Well, you know the saying, "You can't run from your problems." Copy and paste example here folks. You ran to another school and they bullied you there too. You have to learn how to 'deal' with bullies. Don't run from them because you'll probably just find another asshole hunting in the next environment that you try to inhabit. When you have the formula, you will be able to deal with any other bullies that you encounter in life. The world is full of assholes. You run from one, you'll just find another one down the road and not know how to cope. Get the asshole remedy and you'll be able to cure it for the rest of your life. There is an old Chinese proverb that goes something like this: Put a man in an asshole-free environment, and he'll be happy until he leaves that environment. Teach a man how to deal with assholes, and he will never need an asshole-free environment again. Maybe letting go isn't the answer(Because when you feel bad enough, you're not going to let go anyway). Especially when the trauma continues over and over even after the forgiveness, it can be very difficult to let go when you're burning with hatred. Use it to inspire yourself to greater heights. If they call you fat say, 'Nice observation.' and move on with your life. The only time someone can hurt you, is when you disagree with their perspective to such a degree that it hurts you. If you're actually fat, then they're not telling you anything new anyway. Why let it be painful? Turn your bullies into a hardcore gym. They can actually be useful. Call them your little dumbbells. Do it to their face, it'll be funny. That's what they do though. They make remarks and you use them to train yourself stronger and better. My little dumbbells. Take the life you were given and make some motherfucking lemonade. That corny little saying, "I let my haters be my motivators." Use it to create the next fucking Mona Lisa. Then you can snicker at your funny little dumbbells. "Who got the last laugh bitches?" No matter where you find yourself in life you have to be able to DEAL with it. If you run, I swear to god, the problem will be hiding in your fucking trunk and when you go to open fucker he'll jump out and be like, "Remember me bitch?"
  2. TTB Song project

    Yeah, I could participate. I play the
  3. Removing Sick Energy?

    Removing sick energy is easy all you have to do is
  4. Any writers?

    Hellllll YEAH! I love writing so much I could be married to writing. I love it like the brother that
  5. What is Zazen...?

    Hmmmmmmmmmm...well...I learned something today. Here I always thought Zazen was another way of saying 'Zen' meditation. Never fully understood why they added the extra 'Za' to it though. Lol. ...wait what? Noooooooo, I agree with Steve when he says more disinformation on the forum. Zazen is NOT
  6. The Secret of Santa Claus, MAOI inhibitor mushroom in Taoism

    Santa one moment, the next thing you know you're switching the words around. That=..............Satan? THAT'S the strangest secret about santa you'll ever find. Santa=Satan

    You're trying to control him by pissing him off? Gooooooooood tactics You know you get a lot more bees with honey than you do vinegar? I'm not a pothead, but why the hell would you break his bong? That's no way to control someone. In fact, you'll have a lot less control now because he'll probably smoke pot out of spite. You are aware you can smoke that stuff from a pop can? You didn't do anything other than piss him off, and waste someone's money. Especially if he bought that with his own money that was ridiculously stupid. If I were you, I would apologize and pay for the damage. You aren't going to control him that way or with any of the other tactics you mentioned. Sorry, but you just aren't going to do it. All you're going to do is make him hide that fact that he smokes pot, and probably destroy any friendship you have with him. It sounds like you had at least some kind of friendship with him if you were hanging with him and his friends. I'd be a lot more worried if he gets into any 'harder' drugs. Now he sure as fuck isn't going to tell YOU about it. You've proven yourself unworthy of his trust, and his respect. Respect is another way to control someone. Here's how you control him: Step #1 - Get less desperate to control him. It's really screwing with your judgement. Breaking his bong was just not right. If you want to maintain control of him, I'd pay for it. You said you smoked? Then why are you being such a hypocrit? If you were a pothead how would you feel if someone who used to smoke pot got on their high horse and broke your bong? Even if you had some kind of epiphany. Don't expect others to conform that. Step #2 - Steer him don't try to control. Try to steer him in the desired direction instead of asserting total control over him. You'll get a lot better results. There's no way to fully control someone (Thank god). I wouldn't try to control his pot habit. Especially if that's what he likes doing. It's really not that big of a deal. He has every right to enjoy it. If he's being an asshole to your parents talk to him about that. Or if he's getting bad grades talk to him about that. Weed isn't responsible for that that's his fault. Step #3 Surrender to the fact that you have NO control over him. It's not your responsibility to control him either. He's responsible for his own mistakes.
  8. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    The skeleton meditation.
  9. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    If this is so true why do daoist monks spend 6+ hours a day meditating? Why do they go on meditation retreats that sometimes last years. If it's so useless why does almost every religion in the world practice meditation of some form. Why do the highest level practitioners spend most of their days doing meditation? Something don't add up to a full stack of pancakes. What a crock of shit. Unless you can show me tangible proof WTF would anyone agree with a topic that's so ridiculous. Without any proof except that you claim high level sages have uttered such bullshit They should give me the title of thread killer. Once I comment the thread goes dead. That's not going to make me go away though. I will continue to call people on their bullshit. I don't just agree with people's bullshit. Either show proof or don't make such an outrageously ridiculous thread.
  10. Meditation is not a good way for practising

    Get out of town. What a crock of shit. What's the alternative then? Isn't there a policy on disinformation?
  11. Seth is giving up Buddhism!

    Nice try puppet master, but I know your tricks. Don't try to put the heat on your puppets or me. You aren't fooling me. You might be able to fool the cognitively dead, but I'm not falling for it. You love this and you know it. Otherwise you would've stepped in and actually said something about it. It gives you the narcissistic ego boost that you desire. All I'm asking is why the fuck does this thread have 8 pages. Don't try to silence the only logical opinion on this thread. All I'm doing is asking a valid question, and here you are trying to justify this thread by putting the heat on me. All I'm doing is asking a question. Don't try to attack my analysis skills.
  12. im tired of accepting christians

    You just haven't met the right christians. One branch of Christianity that is called Esoteric Christianity is very similar to a taoist/buddhist perspective. They believe that Christianity was corrupted, and used to be more like an eastern philosophy.
  13. Seth is giving up Buddhism!

    Jesus H christ! 8 pages dedicated to Seth Ananda's giving up of Buddhism. If you weren't narcissistic before Seth, by now I'm sure you are. But judging by the thread I'm sure you are. I don't understand why this is even a thread, let alone having 8 pages. Sorry if I'm attacking everyone's savior. Are we really supposed to give a damn about a stranger renouncing buddhism? How the fuck does this guy get people to care so much? 8 pages over this topic is a little bit high. But seriously, continue, I'd really like to see how many pages this thread will accumulate.
  14. Hi everybody!

    Excellent to have a veteran here. Welcome.