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  1. Thank you Trunk. I've been following the videos from Dragongate on youtube for a while and am always impressed by the quality of movement, fullness and energy that both Sifu Chritopher and Sifu Ray demonstrate. While I'm not a Bagua player, I've found a lot of the drills and training to be helpful in my regular martial and energetic practice. Looks like I'll be adding a new dvd to my library. : )
  2. Trunk, Where did you find the Heart of Bagua dvd?
  3. Kuji-In -The Nine Buddhist Hand Seals

    Hayes goes into depth talking about the mind / emotion state that each seal embodies. I have an affinity to the budo ryu that he represents, so his explanations resonate deeply with me. Hayes conveys the total being posture that you encode or summon with the kuji and there is an authenticity to what he is teaching.
  4. I have my copy pulled down and am loving it. This product has more detail on the exercises and the reasons behind them than other RMAX products of the past. Just sampling the exercises has already helped me identify some weaknesses in my movement chain.
  5. After trying the sample workout they posted I'm looking forward to the full package.
  6. Kuji-In -The Nine Buddhist Hand Seals

    Stephen Hayes has put out some excellent dvds on Kuji. http://www.skhquest.com/store/index.php?ac...Cat&catId=2 (scroll down towards the bottom of the page.)
  7. Gurdjieff

    Excellent reminder about the petty tyrant. One of the few reasons I still come to TTB is because for me its filled with petty tyrants. My reactions to their posts or threads is what is interesting to me. Lots of grist for the mill. I don't think that the caustic or combative posts here are done in the spirit of crazy wisdom, but instead are just the display of each persons own conditioning and kleshas.
  8. KAP

    Thanks Susan. I'm always cautious, especially on TTB, taking any advice from the net without knowing qualifications. Considering the tone of this thread I was doubly cautious. Thanks Songs for the info. This gives me some new insight.
  9. KAP

    .. sorry, double post
  10. KAP

    What are you medical qualifications? The whole blood clot issue has been something I've been curious about. I know shaktimama is a R.N. with training and experience. Please post your qualifications as an M.D. or other medical professional.
  11. KAP

    I think that we can say that any post in this thread is going to be rather useless at this point. We now even have sock puppets being created, blazingfire??, to spread more negativity. KAP tribe, just drop this one. Nothing said in this thread is going to have much value at this point, unless you like burning energy to no value. If you feel a real need to post, do some of the healing or tong lin practices Santi and Tao have shared instead. That will have more of a positive effect than posting.
  12. KAP

    That Guy, what is your problem? Maybe check out the Insult Policy reminder on the front page. How is this at all useful?
  13. Micronized Zeolite

    Excellent! I've had a few darkfield sessions but we currently have no practitioners in our area. Again, great research.
  14. Micronized Zeolite

    sheng zhen I applaud your approach. Excellent research! Are you using a standard microscope or a dark field scope?
  15. KAP

    Its odd. Every time a practice/class/teacher comes along that someone here at TTB finds useful, there are a boat load of folks who jump out of the wood work to tear it down. Now, why would anyone take the advice of an anonymous coward whose contribution is only there to tear something down. Why would anyone take the advice of an anonymous coward at all when it comes to their spiritual development? KAPReview offered a decent OPINION in which an attempt was made to be balanced. Others offered positive OPINIONs, which are just as useful. In the end they are just OPINIONs and your mileage may vary with any teacher. Bottom line is what does your heart say? If you have real reservations, don't take the class or avoid the teacher. You don't deserve anything. No one is that important. The teachers don't need you. They have nothing to prove to you. You don't DESERVE free teachings. If your heart says DO IT, then do it. Take the class, practice the technique, embrace the teacher. Practice the technique or lineage in depth. Ask lots of questions. Then and only then can YOU decide if its right for YOU. If you are too simple to make up your own mind without having a bunch of anonymous trolls give you opinions, well then in my OPINION, maybe you should work on your mundane personality issues before trying any work on yourself.