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  1. hello tao bums

    Hi Chris, I'm new to this group too, and the reason I found the site was because I googled mantak chia's divorce. I too wondered why he got divorced, infidelity, loss of interest or just disinterested, apart too long and too often, the obvious answer that he is human doesn't quite work with a guy who is trying to tell you to become more than what the mainstream sees as human. Yes of course what he's trying to teach is that we reach the human potential which the mainstream sees for the most part as nonsense. So you can imagine my momentary surprise to see your post and the off handed reaction here. For myself his character doesn't matter much as I see him more a merchant than anything else. The guru disciple relationship doesn't seem to be too apparent though I'm sure he has his inner circle and the usual groupies. You pay your money, learn the techniques, you practice and away you go, you don't have to sell your soul to get the goods. Whether he meets up to christian standards of right and wrong with regards to fidelity doesn't really matter. In fact, as I understand it, what is being practiced is considered spiritism and it's a no no, can you say spawn of satan. I'm talking about the protestants and though I'm not sure, I'll bet the catholics would be right in there gathering wood while the stakes are being set up.
  2. Hello

    Hi, I meditate when I can. I'm involved with exercise and diet, I have a small weight room with around 200 members. I hope to find some interesting discussions here. cheers.