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  1. What is truth?

    To clarify, I acknowledge that there are some VERY faulty members of the Catholic faith and I am very much aware of the church's involvement in the killing of "heretics". There is a distinction between faulty people and faulty teachings.
  2. What is truth?

    I am a middle-aged cradle Catholic Christian who is challenging his long-held beliefs and practices. I do not have any theological problems with my faith perse, however how the church applies the faith in matters of the faith gives me reason to pause. I think of the scripture that says to the effect 'by their fruits you shall know them'. I have a tendency to believe that there is in fact a true faith that can be known, but I am open to others thoughts on this premise as well. I am looking for those who are knowledgeable in their beliefs to share them and give their best reasoning as to why the path they have chosen is the correct one. Thank you and I look forward to your thoughtful replies.