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  1. drinks your milkshake

  2. I Signed up, but I can post.

    I would like to post.

    Please help. Thank you

  3. Never mind it is working now. Thanks

  4. Just signed up and the validation failed

    can't post and that was the point of me signing up. I need to contact Terry Dunn and

    he seems to answer questions here. If you would rather I do not use your system please delete my account and let me know that you had.

  5. Skin Care

    the very best thing i've ever used on my skin is homemade... equal parts olive oil, ground coffee, sugar, plus a full spoonfuls of honey, and a splash of vanilla for enhanced smell. i use this on my face and body. i just made a new batch yesterday using only the olive oil and coffee and it's pretty tricky to rinse off if you don't add in the sugar. somehow adding in the sugar makes it rinse better. i'm into the olive oil as a base b/c it moisturizes so well, plus it is supposed to help prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks. coffee supposedly helps combat cellulite. the best exfoliate i've ever used (and made my skin feel like silk) is completely drenching my body in honey and then scrubbing it off with sea salt. everything i've described here is messy and takes ample time. none of these are quick on-the-go methods. however, i've tried tons of products, organic and not, expensive and cheap, and the things i outline here are hands down the two that make my skin the happiest. on-the-go face care i like is that coQ10 by avalon organics: cleanser, toner, and lotion are all fancypants. pricey but amazing.
  6. Ideagasms

    Thanks Keith! This photo was taken on the very first day that we moved down here to Playa Zancudo.... Thank you also for your compliment about my old site/photos
  7. Ideagasms

    Ghita would have to answer this for herself, to give you the most correct answer. I haven't really asked her this question specifically, because I'm just so grateful for how well she is doing these days. It doesn't really matter to me the "why" she stuck around so long, so much as the "thank you" for her finally making her own decision to take care of herself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She's not a perfect person, she's just a human experiencing basic evolution. I'm really happy for her and proud of her courage.
  8. Ideagasms

    Ghita is better than ok now... She is healthy again and more importantly: happy
  9. Ideagasms

  10. Help me please!

    excellent observation Pietro
  11. 2che_5zbWFg Click here to go directly to the Video Page, where you can view it in higher quality - it's worth it. (you have to click on the link that says "watch in higher quality" under the views. If you guys have a YouTube account, be sure to subscribe to our channel!
  12. Sean and Lezlie's Youtube Debut

    i do hate atlanta, but i would visit it since you are there, cam... and i don't DIP my biscuits in maple syrup... i slice them in half, open faced, and drizzle it atop of them!!!
  13. Sean and Lezlie's Youtube Debut

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH yes, more videos to come... i have to edit it and then it's going online....
  14. Moving back to Atlanta

    mythmaker - it does in our hearts sean likes to copy off of me...