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  1. Generations after generations have been doing what TS posted, but the question is how many of them did it responsibly, educating the next generation on cause and effect. There never was any generation gap, it has always been what was educated and encouraged to practice. Educate them when young, stop giving irresponsible excuses such as- "They are still young"; by teen their practices becomes harder to change, When they become adults they contribute their wisdom or ignorance to those under their guidence or those bullied into accepting their ideas; by then it becomes almost impossible to correct their negative practices into responsible habits. Through what have always been encouraged to practices, educated by their elders, society practices similar habits in return and eventually it affects the self. And just imagine, if you are aware of realities, when will it be your turn to experience the consequences of your actions? There never was any east or west ideas. Ideas through English was from a young generation. Other languages preserved remnants of eternal knowledge. Truth cannot be written in words, only those who practice it knows, and true teachers pass these knowledge down to students wisely. For the past ten years when information was easily access, it has been abused and mostly lost in translation. What we sow, we receive similarly. The song I want to reference is pretty new, its something about price tag. Thing is, the practice of many generations have been avoiding to pay the price tag of their actions, thus each generation drift further and further into debt due to the price tags they owed. This world now, must know the meaning of responsibility. In regards to questions. One force, one God; many facades. Get to know thy Self. 1. Practice self reflection. Eventually through that practice, you will reach self realization, knowledge blooms through self realization. Before self realization what you know is mostly rubbish, assessment in regards to the practice of society today. You can be told the same thing time and time again; read endless books on the same subject. You will still know nothing, until you self realize. I totally agree on compassion, it is a great tool on the journey. You ready to leave this reality now?
  2. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    A good sleep rest the body, A great shit ease the bowels, A healthy mind allows focus, And clear focus sharpens attention... ... Up here, eyes up here... - Samgo Giesger
  3. the power of now

    i read it years ago, borrowed from the local library, its a good book. i bought the book eventually just to support its publish, i don't even need it. go read it, even if you don't need it recommend it to those who you think might help them in their path.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    after reading the stuff here and saw this... i just laugh.
  5. Who said this:

    Tom Jones
  6. Immortals (Xian Shi)

    I do not believe, because I know they exist, and I am aware of them. Due to the ideas some adopted these days, they will not know. P.M. me, I have memories from beyond. Drawing out the old crowd? Or if you have permission from the elders, interact with me on the other side.
  7. what jenny lamb mentioned is already cushioned enough to allow those with certain ego to digest and allow them an oppotunity to understand themselves; and what it takes to walk the path. there are rules and laws that the cosmos operates with; the complexity of explaining it varies, depending on the practitioners understanding or willingness to wake up. to know it, one must self realize. i made many errors in my path to know this. i have no idea how to cushion what i want to say to help others not mess their opportunity to be under genuine teachers guidance; so i'll stop here and leave your inner knowing to shape your fate.
  8. Maybe, i don't know, it directs the practitioner to focus and be mindful of your focus, and when the intent is clear, you can start aligning yourself with the erm... hmm.... (fill in the blanks). Well, I'll never know until I practice. Speculations only give me the idea I think I know. Reading it might inspire me in some way or again give me the idea I think I know. Perhaps I'll just practice what I know till I self realize, maybe then I will know. But Ch. 19 is a lead though.
  9. sometimes holding a mirror in the hand is better than having an empty hand when on the path...

  10. Dream Interpretation

  11. Yi Gong Seminar in Australia

    Thanks for the link. But I still have no idea what Yi gong is. Reading through it, it sounds beneficial, I am keen to learn more about it. ...wouldn't have done it before and are there to learn... If I am to get a car, I must at least know of it functions whether is caters to my needs and comfort or not.
  12. Yi Gong Seminar in Australia

    I would like to know more about Yi Gong first before I attend, I am also in Melbourne. I don't want to be an obstructing object among those who know what they are there for.
  13. Lifestyle of a Sage

    In my youth I sought the mountains to be my home, I long for a cave in the forest to live with the beasts and the wild. I had the impression then that by having those I will have peace; and if I have to walk among men, I will be invisible unless I allow myself to be seen by the particular person. But, alas, my path in this incarnation, I was born in a city, with no mountains, haunted natural and manmade surroundings and was always assualt by the cacophony of corrupted vibrations. I was a very angry youth, but I am glad I was watched by those able to cuff my abilities. Life was difficult, and I was miserable, what I wanted were those seemingly unsatisfiable desires. Long story short, eventually I managed to work with what I have, and I used those obstacles I faced every single moment of my life then and made it a challenge. If I cannot find the peace in me, regardless of where I go, there will never be peace and life will always be the same. If I let external desires dictate my satisfaction, there will never be an end. And unsatisfied desires eventually leads to depression and I will likely forgot what caused me to be depressed, and that will eventually lead to suicide. Thus, when I am working, I appreciate what work can provide me. Initially, I meditate and do my neccesities before my daily events and after, in other words if I have to reach work at a certain time I wake up earlier than which is neccesary do my cultivation ritual. Eventually I am able to practice regardless of what I am doing. If you are able to reach the desire you mentioned, good for you. Not everyone is that fortunate to live their perfect idea, this is just written for those who find it almost impossible to have their desired idea but is willing to cultivate.
  14. many roads to the city, many ways to get there... its the driver...
  15. Haiku Chain

    so i touch my part it took some time to react then i clean myself