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  1. Can words even express a feeling?

    The Dao that can be named is not the Dao. --- The Buddha is not the Buddha, therefore, he is called Buddha.
  2. Timing

    Sometimes, people simply don't hear... or they choose to pretend they didn't because they felt awkward. The mirth you felt alone has probably been felt by everyone. You're right it is all about timing.
  3. 'No self' my experience so far...

    I think that may be what "God" is in Stranger in a Strange Land, but Heinlein isn't specific about it in that novel... in the version I've read. Completely off-topic, now.
  4. 'No self' my experience so far...

    All that groks is God?
  5. Would you go in depth with this for me, please?
  6. [TTC Study] Chapter 29 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Nice, thank you.
  7. The Microcosmic Orbit

    There have been times when I make myself sit on my butt and really concentrate on the orbit. I can barely feel it at first, but as I meditate, it starts to become a heavy, hard-to-ignore flow-- an orbit, a circulation. I feel it going around and around... I don't concentrate on much but just following the feeling around. I start just sitting and wait to feel that kind of flow. I mentally follow the trail of the orbit until I catch up with the qi, then it becomes stronger and a bit blissful.
  8. 'No self' my experience so far...

    And here I was, trying to deconstruct and reconstruct at the same time... like trying to build the new building with the moldy rubble of the first just because I don't want to waste it.
  9. Dream Trauma?

    Some of my dreams must have affected me, but maybe more subconsciously. Inversely, my dreams reflect more of my waking fears now. Major themes I'm noticing are regret and procrastination. Usually, emotional dreams affect me for just a few hours after dreaming. Thankfully, I have never been prone to bad or frequent nightmares. Edit** Sometimes, I think my dreams are trying to teach me to dream lucidly. The repetetive nature of them and the fact that most of my dreams occur in the same settings has started inducing some interesting dream thoughts bordering on fully becoming aware. I'm... so... close...
  10. Haiku Chain

    Existentialism! Is not a five syllable Word. And "word" isn't.
  11. I mean, I guess you could use discernment... or just take the knowledge and hope it contains something.
  12. All the answers that could be offered would be based on opinion. How could you define the truth out of different versions of answers?
  13. Seems to me like a question that no one could answer with certainty.
  14. Haiku Chain

    Gimme' some Evil. Shred open some Hostess snacks. Ram them in my mouth.