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  1. Master Wang Liping in Europe !

    For those who are looking at this Seminar ? Just a quick update as of yesterday ! There are now only 6 places left so be quick ! Kind Regards Tom
  2. Master Wang Liping in Europe !

    For all you Taoist Seekers of knowledge and real practice ! Master Wang Liping the 18th Generation Transmitter of Dragongate Taoism is coming to Europe to teach ! See here extract from Lao Zi Academy: Sept -- Oct. 2011: Romania + Sweden + Holland + Greek. Mrs. Lian will host these events. Please refer "report from Romania (" for the excellent experience with Master Wang (Taoist teachings of Longmen (Dragon Gate) of the Complete Reality school of Taoism). 1. Sep 03 to Sep 12, 2011. Romania "Internal Alchemy Longmen Romania 2011" will be held between 3 to 12 September 2011 in Romania by Orientalis Association Seminar will be held in Chinese and will be translated into English. In this seminar will teach techniques used in internal alchemy Longmen School. Practice exercises include moving (walking Taoist and energy exchanges with the trees) and meditation techniques. The total time of 6-8 hours daily practice is distributed evenly throughout the day. Orientalis is a non-profit association to be able to organize this seminar. The announcement in Romanian language is made at this address 2. Sept. 16 -22, 2011. Sweden The class size is 10-15 person. People will live in cabins inside deep woods forest named Hanna House. The Hanna House is located in Sorunda, 50 kilometers south of Swedens capital Stockholm. The announcement is made at this address 3. & 4: TBD