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  1. thanks for the feedback. It definetly is. I am still curious, is it benefical to practice retention in order to learn non ejaculatory orgasms?
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. The reviews I read of that product were not very promising. I saw a poll where 142 people voted, and 45% of them learned how to orgam w/o ejaculation. 0% used Jack Johnston's method. So here on the Taobums it has been succesful? I am not getting it though. Is it a language thing?
  3. male multiple orgasms

    Thanks for posting mantis. i enjoyed it.
  4. I would like to learn how to have orgasms without ejaculation. I am 35 and have have been experimenting with retention for over a year now. I have studied some products and while masturbating and having sex I tried coming as close as possible to the point of no return many times. The closest to an orgasm w/o ejaculation I got one time was when I suddenly noticed a gap between the orgasm and the ejaculation. I do several PC muscle exercises everyday. I have several questions: -How can I learn to have orgasms w/o ejaculation? -Is it necessary I practice retention to learn this? -How long did it take you to learn it? What were your steps? -Is it necessary I practice meditation or yoga or other energy stuff? -While in solo practice, is it ok to watch porn or should i better not? If someone could point me to athread where these questions are answered I would appreciate that too. Thanks in advance for all the help.
  5. It was actually not a quote, but my interpretation of this table: The category 0-3 is mentioned in the table above. That's very inaccurate of saying what the research says. That statement is only valid when compared to the reference group, who ejaculate 4-7 times a month. It is not valid when compared to the group who ejaculate 0-3 times per month. An accurate way of saying it would be "The group with the highest lifetime average of ejaculation - 21 times per month - were a third less likely to develop the cancer than the reference group, who ejaculated four to seven times a month." To say that "the study shows less risk of prostate cancer with more frequent ejaculation" is a misinterpretation of the data of the study, which I've seen all over the web. Heck even I made that assumption. I've called Organ-Confined prostate cancer 'less dangerous', and advanced prostate cancer 'more dangerous'. That's my understanding of it by reading about it. This quote: "The group with the highest lifetime average of ejaculation - 21 times per month - were a third less likely to develop the cancer than the reference group, who ejaculated four to seven times a month." Is only valid for orphan prostate cancer, not for advanced. I actually believe I am right about every single point I made, but I am happy to be shown otherwise. I am researching this topic quite intensively and I want to know the truth.
  6. It's funny how this research is consistently being misinterpreted all over the web. The research that is being referred to is a large US study following 30.000 predominately white men aged 46 to 81. It turned out that men who ejaculate 0-3 times per month actually have a lower risk for prostate cancer than men who ejaculate 4-7 times per month. Only the men who ejaculate more than 21 times per month had a lower risk for prostate cancer than the group who had 0-3 ejaculations. And this is only valid for the less dangerous form of prostate cancer. For the more dangerous form of prostate cancer the story is completely different. But don't take my word for it, check the facts for yourself: And some people seem to forget that this research is descriptive and not prescriptive. In other words, if you now start wanking 21 times per month there is no proof that it will lower your chance for prostate cancer.
  7. Retention Thread

    I am making steady progress with my retention practice. I've now learned that an effective way of avoiding wet dreams is a 10 minute yoga practice before i go to bed. I do udyana bandha, shoulderstand, headstand. I found out diet, coffee, sleeping on my side are not all that important. The yoga practice is. I started on the 1st april. My goal is to make to 1st of june.
  8. Retention Thread

    You may also want to have a look at raw cacao, it's supposedly more healthy than regular chocolate.
  9. Retention Thread

    Ok interesting. Why are you mentioning the chocolate? PS. on the meat eating: it may work for some,but not for others. I'm going to try it out. Otherwise retention will not work for me.
  10. Retention Thread

    Are you a vegetarian Mal? I think this may be important. I am not sure yet, but I will experiment with it.
  11. Retention Thread

    He definetly mentioned caffeine yes. I was aware of it for quite some time. I had not drank coffee for a month, when last christmas I stayed over at my father. Since he is a regular coffee drinker, I could not resist the temptation. The same night I had a wet dream. The next morning I had coffee again, and again a wet dream that night. So if anyone is having libido problems, caffeine is great. But if you're into retention, better stay away from it. The answer of the yoga teacher as to the reason of my wet dreams was: 1 Impurity of food. He says no meat, eggs, garlic, onions, coffee. 2 He said: You may need to practice yoga and pranayma too for even distribution of energy.
  12. Avoiding wet dreams / nocturnal emissions

    I've continued my experiences in the Retention Thread:
  13. Retention Thread

    Ok here's my update on retention: (as in not ejaculating for a longer period) I usually get, after one week, increased sexual dreams and wet dreams. I have never made it past 21 days because of that. One of the recomendations here was to sleep om my side, instead of my stomach. I have managed to have some nights on my side, it is better. But still I get the sexual dreams. So I became quite sceptical if it is really good for me, and I asked an experienced yoga teacher what he makes of the whole sex transmutation/retention thing. He says it works for him. He teaches classes 6 times a day and then walks for half an hour to go to the gym. And then he says "guess how old I am." I said:41. He says: 61. I was shocked. The guy hardly has any wrinkles, super clear eyes and skin and does not look old at all. Simply amazing. So I asked him, why isn't it working for me? Before I give you his answer, I would like to hear your opinions on what food could be causing my sexual dreams. What was effective for you? Well I can already tell you 2 foods he mentioned are garlic and onions, but I am not eating either of them.
  14. Translations of Tao Te Ching

    I've heard Stephen Mitchell's is good: Check out the reviews there's a lot of information there. I am reading this one at the moment: It's just a short verse of the Tao every chapter and then Byron Katie gives her interpretation. To appreciate I think you need to be familiar with The Work. I love it.
  15. Goals

    For interesting views on living without goals check out Byron Katie's work.