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  1. I'm certainly an iniciate because I'm still studying and learning from Masters on this site and other sites.
  2. After doing a lot of studying on Taoism before I decided that I wanted to join, I noticed that Taoism and Jediism are very similar in that they believe that their is a "way" or a "force" that surrounds us and places us on the right track within our lives. I found that interesting and was wondering if anyone else has noticed these comparisons throughout their time as a Taoist? Anyhow, I have some general questions that I've been thinking about and any help with these would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance! 1. Is there any defined ranks in Taoism that I'm unaware of? IE: Student, Journeyman, Master, Grand Master? 2. Who are some of the most well known Taoist's in the world, and are they generally looked at as helping the movement or commercializing it? 3. How many members are there on these forums and how long has this place been on the web? Thanks in advance to any help with these questions!
  3. Hello, new guy here.

    Well, it's been a long time coming and I figured I would sign up on the forums to discuss Taoism and living my like through The Way, I'm pleased to meet everyone here and I hope to get into some great conversation with you all. I just wanted to discuss a little bit about myself and Taoism, I'm somewhat new to it though I have been studying Tao Teh Ching and other Taoist works for quite some time now, so I hope to learn a lot more through the members of this forum. As for me and Taoism, I feel I exemplify many of the aspects that a true Taoist follows and I hope to always follow The Way until my time in this world is finished. Again, it's nice to meet you all.