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  1. Bone Marrow

    This is just a side topic, but the concept for keeping bone marrow healthy is peace. Resentment causes bone cancer... I have this brilliant chinese book of ailments and how to keep the body healthy by changing your thoughts. Just ask if you have any questions
  2. Transmutation of Sexual Energy?

    Hey! I'm new here so I don't know if this post is a little old now...but I'm virtually abstinent... I mean I've been trying to be for 4 years, and I'm more efficient as time goes by..It's been 8 months, and another 8 months before that etc... and all I can say is try... Focus on ejaculating less often. Every time you reach a check point, 3 days, a week, whatever, you'll have more insight, and good judgment, and a lot of strength with it. It seems that the sexual energy is transmuted upward, and it happens naturally, automatically... A lot of people have told me, "but it's not worth it, why deprive yourself of such pleasure"...the answer is obviously that you never lose that pleasure. You don't lose an ounce. Every guy has had to hold on longer than usual at least once in his life, and has experienced pure bliss in the release... So it only makes sense to hold on, hold on, hold much as you possibly can...:-) Good luck
  3. Hi If I may, the only thing you should think about, really, is abstinence from ejaculation. The sooner you get on that path, the better. I'm 32 and started that process 4 years ago, at first I couldn't go a day without it, then it was 2 days, and slowly approximately 40% longer each time...Now it's been 8 months, and another 8 months before that, then 5 months etc... I realize, that the pleasure is so intense, that you actually fall into addiction, meaning ejaculation. When I say pleasure, I mean without sexual activity. If you never have it, you always feel aroused, but in control as well. It's never difficult(only the first year). But when you're young you train yourself to or you simply do it all the time, and that is nothing short of a full-on drug addiction. Even doing it once, it is drug use. Think in these terms, all the rest is futile...
  4. She wants me to cum

    my health is more important than her, because I have to love myself first before I can love others. But I would like to hear how others approach this subject. When you c*m, you're giving her too much's weird to say but that's how it is. Too much love She needs to learn to get used to this formality. There's sex, but just no ejac. I've been having sex with my wife for 4 years, without ejac, and it's...awesome. it's just completely natural, there's never an awkward moment...
  5. Hello everybody