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    As per my original post - I started with zazen (which includes breathwork)but moved on to a style which was an offshoot of TM (mantra/transcending). I've been doing the latter for approximately 5 years. It met my goals initially but has since caused spaciness and other negative symptoms. Thanks for the link.
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    I'll check it out..balancing relaxation / avoiding spaciness has been a major issue for me. Thank you, S
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    huh? That's pretty standard zazen - except I couldn't sit full lotus so I sat in seiza. Anyway - I've been browsing through the site - but my question remains - is there a section or definitive post that newbies can learn seated meditation techniques in the style favored by this board? cheers, S
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    I started with a seated meditation,using the breath,eyes open sitting seiza. Then I started doing an offshoot of tm that uses a mantra to 'transcend'.
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    Hello - this seems like a great forum with some pretty solid characters and knowledge. Quick question - I'm looking for a seated meditation technique - is there some place on this site that provides instruction or techniques? Been meditating for approximately 12 years now - first with a zazen style then with an offshoot of TM. The similar-to-tm method was initially good and seemed to free up some stress - however it started making me spacey,depressed and anxious - very much the opposite of my normal personality. Thanks - and any assistance would be appreciated. Shibumi