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  1. Master Dong Yang Internal Sword

    Im not a fan of forums but i read what nightwatchdog said. Too many people have teachers that have to make things more and more complicated with rules and guidelines just to keep the students around. This wealth of useless knowledge does pout up the intellectual ego quite a bit. Sorry to offend but you have no idea how stupid you look from my perspective. Any martial arts is in the results. This man is small and thin and i have seen him throw people twice his size, no matter how hard and ferocious they attack (non students always suffer more). He never struggles with anyone - just light and easy movements - no muscle work. People make loud noises and go flying and he is always unaffected. You really feel fear after you come at him hard to try and hurt him - no matter your background.
  2. Student of Master Dong Yang

    Hi, im a student of Daoist Master Dong Yang Prior to that i went through a series of rubbish martial arts one after another. First day i met master Yang we got on to subject of martial arts (i didn't know he was a master). He said people only know about physical strength not internal power. I stupidly asked if I can try. He knocked me on my arse 10 meters away twice and the second time i tried my best to resist anything he could dish out. And alls he did was tap me lightly. Since that day i have witnessed the same thing on many argent others with far more impressive results. Thats me in a nutshell and why i love internal arts. If you want to see a real master - see Master Yang!