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  1. Body-mind connection

    that's it. thank you so much!*
  2. Body-mind connection

    Hi to all, one thing that's been a mistery to me, maby i find an answer here.. if anyone knows it. i've had a hard year, full of emotional suffering up to the point where my body, i'd say, couldn't stand it any more.. besides the physical pain, emotional suffering had been such that one day it ended in being completely empty, which was a great experience.. i'm rebuilding, in a way, i feel like someone else, more calm and less complicated in mind.. i'm still in that same environment that caused my collapse, but dealing with it daily, i feel succesfully... as for my physical body.. before that crisis i had a firm, muscular body, now my body is soft and different.. even though i exercise, i can't get to that point of having more muscles.. it's like the body separated from my mind, however weird this sounds.. any opinions, ideas what happened to me..? thanks in advance.. love.
  3. Everlasting peace

    thank you
  4. Everlasting peace

    Hey, i'm 'checking in', being new to the forum, need some time to get through all the posts, feel like new treasures are awaiting... why Tao Te Ching for me... have been in dead end situation, exhausted, in search for answers, TTC gave me one.. Do your work, then step back. The only path to serenity. be well*