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  1. Didn't know it could be a stand alone thing, thanks. Also, out of curiosity, does the distance class "light the fire?" If so, to the same extent as a workshop? Or is this only possible in person?
  2. Question -- after doing Gift of the Tao should one do the close down as described in the book? Or is that really only for after SM?
  3. Teachers in Australia?

    Thank you for the information Seth
  4. Teachers in Australia?

    Specifically Brisbane, Australia. Does anyone know of any who teach qigong/neigong? I'd like to find a local teacher to compliment what I'm currently doing. Thanks guys
  5. Of Steep hills and elevators

    Thanks for your answers guys.
  6. You know when you go down in an elevator or drive down a steep hill how you get that crazy feeling in your lower stomach? Not sure if anyone else gets this effect but since doing stillness-movement the above mentioned sensation has skyrocketed in intensity -- I seriously have to try hard to act as though nothing is happening when in an elevator with others, haha. Do you guys think it is just increased sensitivity due to focusing on that general area so much or what? Strange issue I know -- just curious...
  7. Thank you for the swift reply, Sir! Much appreciated. Will definately dream up more questions, lol.
  8. Hey Guys, I have two questions regarding SM; - If one practices right before sleep, is the self-massage still necessary? Also, - Might be a stupid question, but, would it be beneficial for practice if one was to (try to) maintain focus on dantian and (try to) stay in that 'state' throughout an entire day? Whilst doing regular things like work, study, etc? Thanks, Aaron
  9. Emotional issue hindering meditation

    Wow, excellent. Thank you for your help Ya Mu! Much appreciated.
  10. Emotional issue hindering meditation

    Great replies guys, thanks a lot. Good to know I'm not the only one experiencing this issue. I wonder the same thing Scotty. Would be cool to have Ya Mu's thoughts on this. True it may be the purging of latent anger too as Chris D said. Transmutation of emotion maybe??? Thanks again all
  11. Hello guys! Way back a few years ago I used to meditate a LOT and what follows never happened to me. I hit a patch where I think I may have just got lazy and stopped practicing. Anyway, I've started again some months ago and this is what I'd like you guys to chime in on... I practice Ya Mu's Stillness-Movement from the book. Having said this I do not think that I'm actually doing Stillness-Movement if you know what I mean. Just working on the stillness part. Anyway -- recently when I get about 1:30 or 2hrs into practice my body just begins screaming for me to just stop and get the hell up. Everything becomes annoying and frustrating. All the sounds and all the sensations just become enraging. I do push forward but it just doesn't stop. This has even happened during ZZ so I don't think it is what I'm doing. I'm not an angry guy either, at all actually. What is going on and how do I get past this? Is this ego?
  12. Tan tien being pulled

    Interesting, why is that?