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  1. dreams

    What do you want to say by "dream thread"? You remember more dreams or do more lucid dreams?
  2. dreams

    sheng zhen> OK, thank you very much. I nearly had none lucid dream but when I'll can practice well meditation again, maybe it will be better. Occasionaly, I do false akawenings. Once I had 3 or 4 falses ones in succession. I remember a (nonlucid) dream where I met one of my totem animal (or guide(?), there was a kind of husky-like wolfhound. We were in iced lake, I believe. I (or maybe he) approached. I believed that I talked him and he told me that I could put my arm round him which I done. Some days or weeks later, waiting a train, I saw a dog nearly exactly like the other one but unhappily I didn't ask to its "owner"... The dog of my dream (I didn't find particular differences with the other one (maybe the darkness of the colours,...) had blue eyes and had brown and white hair, I believe. I believe that there was another colour but I don't remember. Would you (or anyone) do what it is or could be as crossbreading? One other time, I did a lucid dream where I communicate with a kind of morphing animal which told me many coherent things but I didn't remember them after the dream unhappily. I believe that it was in this dream that I rode a cow.
  3. dreams

    sheng zhen> I can't be spontaneous neither to be "like a 5 years old boy"... More, if we don't remember the dream clearly, there will be at least some questions which we'll cannot answer.
  4. dreams

    sheng zhen> I already read it. I don't find it provides helps because I know what I'd do if I was one character of a dream... Anyone I don't know how would we can?... Perhaps it works when we have enough intuition (but I nearly don't have anymore consciously). Anyway, if I can't get asleep consciously I'll can change this dream or even interview the people of my dream? When I could practice relaxation and meditation, I could to do the practice I have mentioned but I now I can't... I don't see about what this "sample session" helps you...
  5. dreams

    Did you re-enter in your dream after awaking or did you "interview" in another dream (another night (thinking to it or another technique (?)?
  6. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    Neijia> Thank you. YAN> I don't know... "Nyei", I believe, is apparently not enough confident to appear as "true". But I have the impression to having already saw them, her and the other other ones. About similarities between tao and warrior's way, taoists also go into parallel worlds (using a kind of incantation, if I remember well after what we told me). Would you have informations about this (and also books talking of this)? About the technique of resting many days on a tree, we also find this technique in a particular tribe of amerindians? (Anyone would know what tribe's name please?) It is used to remember better of our dreams.
  7. dreams

    Ben Koontz> OK, thanks but it is not as "easy" that it was some years ago... Most time I try meditation, I fall asleep or I begin thinking many things. When the mental begins to be calm, I also fall asleep... Before I relaxed then meditated but now I cannot just relax... In general, I don't remember my dreams and have continously the mind full of thoughts particularly during the day but also in night (but I also have some problems with the astral plane, it's too complex to explain). sheng zhen> After the questions, it doesn't seem. What are you doing when you answered them? You're right but the problem is that's no "definite" technique, it's more taking habits of living in most part. Thank you, seadog. Jakara> Maybe but I'd prefer practice taoist dream yoga. Tibetan one is much "hermetical" and I feel myself more attracted towards tao's dream yoga (and perhaps other ways's ones) and in fact, I find dream yogas much more interesting that "only" lucid dreaming techniques or books (particularly from psychologists... (even if I find the psychology, I don't think it's a real "tool" to abord situations and problems). After Florence Ghibellini (http:/florence.ghibellini.free.fr for those who understand french... ), one of the people who makes most lucid dreams in Europe (or in the world (after studies in laboratories) if not the "lucidiest" dreamer, it's impossible to maintain meditation in dreams. When we try stopping actions, scenarii and movement in dreams, do some meditation, there's always an obstacle to try stopping us to do it or the dream itself disappears... There are reports of her lucid dreams and experiences at this subject on the same website (http://florence.ghibellini.free.fr/revelucidej/floindex.html). Yes but for most people they can't do anything in their lucid dreams (or not at the beginning, at least) and if they are too lucid they can't change it because it's not "real" from the point of view of the day mind (the "lucid" part). Yes and apparently we can "live" much more than only two weeks but many years. Someone would do a dream where 100 years passed... Did you encounter in a dream or in the diurn life? Not in my case... I already tried it.
  8. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    Neijia> I found similarities but if I remember well, it was more about the ways themself, not exercises. But effectively there's similarity in what you cite (but I don't know very well the way of tao). I believe it's more the fact of being "buried" in a box in the "sorcery". Is there a book about (or from) this/these Wang Liping's exercises? Do you can describe them please? Parallels, I think (but perhaps the sorcery also "borrowed" some techniques from people knowing partly at least the way of tao). Ben Koontz> You should search for Castaneda's interviews and the witches' ones, they precise this interrogation (but I don't remember... and I believe that it's different after the different interviews but you should look for them).
  9. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    Taomeow> Can you write more about those practices please? Do you have some books and/or websites which relate them, talk about them,...? I also find there's many things which are apparently similar between tao and way of warrior. That's because other people contribute to enclose us in our way of being, our habits,... About the different books (includ Florinda's ones) you should search on eMule or another P2P program. Neijia> Can you write about it? About the Donner-Grau's and Abelar's books they are interesting. In fact, they emphasize differences about women in the way of warrior, the fact that they use their womb,... Little1> We'll never know what is "real" and what is not. It doesn't matter...
  10. dreams

    Do you have anything more pragmatical please? And what is the goal of answering these questions?... It's not an analysis of my dreams that will give me some lucid dreams.
  11. dreams

    You can close the eyes and observe the mental images without giving them interest, attachment. This takes a bit of time and works better the morning but it's better than nothing. Concerning Castaneda, some of you cite the fact of having "intention" but it's not the intention in the habitual sense, it would be more that one of trusting that the lucid dream will happen. We don't have to fight to lucid dream... If you want to cern your "intention", you can concentrate on it: it locates some centimeters above the navel. What we can do is practice meditation and when we are enough in a meditative state we repeat some affirmations. It will work because there's a certain will that's negative, it's a need to force things and meditation destructs it. I'm going to buy some books about taoist dreaming, I'll post when I'll find something but you can read this: http://www.healingtao.org/deutsch/artikel2.htm Another link, it's apparently the same text but I'm don't completely sure: http://www.angelfire.com/ga2/stepstoinsani...LEEPING%20TIGER You can also find books about tibetan dream yoga (for exemple, with eMule/eDonkey... ). A book from Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, the Tenzil Wangyan Rinpoche one's and Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines (Evans-Wentz). About the books on taoist dreaming, there's Taoist yoga of dreaming (Oleg Tcherne), Taoism: Essential teachings of the way and its power (Ken Cohen) and there's a CD from Michael Winn: Taoist dream practice. Would you know if Michael Winn also made a book about this subject? Anyone would know the names of other books about dream yoga, taoist dreaming or something like that?
  12. Tao and Carlos Castaneda

    You should read all his books (if that's not already done (including "magical passes"), the two Florinda Donner-Grau's books and Taisha Abelar one's if you want to have a clear view. I'm don't sure that I understood (I'm not english-speaking...): you have some "allies" ? The astral dimension is illusory, astral/mental refering to emotions and impressions and the mental, thoughts but it's not all. Like you wrote it, we don't have enough energy and the concepts imprison us.
  13. Tensegrity

    YOU say I know more about Carlos Castaneda but I don't. After, you can believe that's a "hunch" if it reassure you. It changes nothing in my life. I know that if I told you with which people I communicated, you wouldn't believe me. You read maybe this interview (or report of a seminary) where Carlos tells that he made cooker and that the employee who became one of his friends told him that she would meet Carlos Castaneda. She thought many false impressions and she didn't know that it was him. Once, she saw a person in a car and she believed it was Castaneda. Her friend went near that man, talked him and he just closed the window before going away. Next, she returned near Castaneda. He took her in his arms and she cried... Some weeks (or maybe monthes) later, he quitted his job and he went away forever. You know, I thought that you react like this, that you'll not believe me? It's funny, no? If you want to have an answer, let's do your mental silent and ask him... (and if you want an advice, practice regular concentration on your "intention" above your navel.) I leave you with your doubts. At moments, yes, we can trust some things that are not really a communication BUT when we are really communicating, we know it (but it's not impossible to doubt later at this subject). In a non-physical way (at the level of feeling), I understood and practiced more than you can imagine... From long ago, I realized many things made part of myself. (Hoping it's enough mysterious to your taste...) I'm not offended, thank you for your attention.
  14. Tensegrity

    Little1> "I'm all ears... if you really know more than we do, please care and share. All my info resources were tensegrity texts." Who said that I know more or less than you? I just had a psychic communication with him (but don't really enjoy talking about this, I have the "impression" this is a lack of respect, consideration towards him (and he didn't communicate another thing that would appear significative for you, it was just personal). I don't recommend to practice special exercises to develop psychic abilities because the meditation (samatha, for example) is the way to preparing ourselves to that. You should respect that point because it also created me some problems (and I'll give no details, this concerns just me). The communications that I can have are not very clear sometimes and I'm not sure about what I perceived but at this moment it was not the case. I wrote this because I thought that the truth would be restored (for the sorcerers and the people who would wish to engage themselves on that way). After what Castaneda really wished to do, that I really don't know. What infos do you talk about? "You say forget Armando Torres. Come on. No one could fake something like that. And I read Sanchez, Tunnenshende, Ruiz and what not. Torres is real deal." What I want to say, that's we can read books from Armando Torres, Sanchez, Tunneshende, Ruiz,... But we cannot necessarily know if this is true. Castaneda himself recommended to not give credit to such kind of books, many people want to make money (or/and celebrity) on his back. The only "official" books on toltec "sorcery" are the books of Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner-Grau and Taisha Abelar. If you want to read, books like that, read them. I read a part of Torres' one, once maybe I'll read the rest but I prefer not to read too much and that all this mixes itself in my mind. "Unless you yourself belong to such a lineage of knowledge, like they did... Which I would be very interested in. Oh I hope you wont play the mistery man, that's too common" Who says? Once I made one or some dreams but I don't remember very much and I don't know if the people were real and if I really dreamed that. The only thing I know is, after what someone told me (which can see auras or even "see" perhaps (?), I would have two parts in my "cocoon" if I remember well. Next, I never play the "mystery men" but some people find me to be mysterious...
  15. Tensegrity

    sharp-nose> "all the rest of the sistem is a piramidal sistem deviced to help DJ to escape from the inorganic world. there is no real benefit to the practicioners, that i can tell until now." I didn't practice Tensegrity but there's NO pyramidal system deviced to help "don Juan" to escape from the inorganic world. He is now in the third attention (which corresponds to some people call the "buddhic dimension/plan" (you can find the "definition" in the Robert Bruce's writings for example (I recommend those books about astral projections, you can download his "treaties" on the same subject). He told me himself that "where" he is, he doesn't use or even need "tricking" : we can say it is only a medium of transport to navigate in the sea of the unknown and he affirmed that there was no pyramadial system to bring him out of the inorganic world. Do you read this somewhere? What did you think that it could be that? If someone told you that, it played with you... "apart from the wild philosophy that really ment something to me back then, i realised i dont have the tools for a project that big. and the coordinators of the project were gone, missing, or dead in the action." Who is dead? Castaneda, in one of his interviews, said that "Since I'm a moron, I'm sure I'll die". He would be dead from a "liver cancer" but I don't think we can trust this kind of stupidity... Or he orchestrated this himself, or the medias perhaps made it. truth> "But you wont awaken powers by doing these movements like what they say in the video's and books." Whatever you practice, kung fu, qi gong or tensegrity it corresponds to an "intention". When you do a particular movement, you "call" this intention. We could perhaps call this as an "egregor" but I think it's different (even if I believe there is also one for the sorcery of ancient mexicans). I find the way of tao and the way of warriors partake similar aspects apparently. "I am slowly purifying my mind of all the misconstrued concepts,incorrect views of what following a path like this really involves, of what energy is etc." Maybe it doesn't correspond to you but it doesn't mean that it's incorrect. You write about "non-sense" but maybe a day you'll find that many things accomplish themselves by "intention", wether you are or not in the way of warriors. KoHsuan> I also find it would be fine to not mix SOME practices of the way of warriors with some other ones of the tao (for example, the tensegrity with qi gong but perhaps we can mix the tai chi with the tensegrity, the sorceresses would recommend to practice tai chi). Little1 Forget Armando Torres. This kind of book is perhaps not very fiable. "their way is not immortality" I think Tao apparently takes more dimensions/plans in consideration to making a specific body or transforming one or many existing ones but the "dream body" (which is, if I well understood, the combination of the etherical body and the physical body) could last at lest many thousands of years (or le lifetime of the earth, I believe (?). Next, from the habitual world or from a world of inorganic beings we would go on "higher" dimensions. But you didn't write about dzogchen even if this is different in the sense that we can use the "rainbow body" after the death, I believe. I recommend you to concentrate on the "intention" at some centimeters higher than the navel. (Hoping that's readable, I'm not english-speaking)