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  1. Philanthropy really a good thing?

    i like the video, and really it is only a one sided perspective that he is talking about. i think that it is true, people can change the equilibrium ,but in doing so it starts a chain reaction for others do the same, it creates more awareness and leads to future change. more people (westerners as he puts it) are now taking more steps and going about to create change, and this can only be done if someone starts the chain reaction. if no one did help then things would have stayed the same , this type of helping gives small results but in the long run has benefited largely, with more people going on board with it, and even those who have been help most of the time, try to achieve with their new opportunities more ways in order to help those had not been chosen before. theres my two cents into this topic
  2. hi everyone

    hi everyone, im new here. ive been looking for a good cyber community to share and talk to people my names miguel, from sydney australia. just curious on people opinions on what they think of this community. ive looked around, and it seems friendly and insightful im curious though to wht the average age of the users are here, i dont have many friends who like the taoism virtue of life, im 25 years old.