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  1. Qi and charisma

    This is really weird. I don't know where you live but if I were you I would travel to CA. Lam Kam Chuen has just moved to the CA (not good news for me I am in Europe and there are already so many masters in the US!) If you're not too far way just make an appointment: He will help you millet
  2. Qi and charisma

    Hi dmattwads, This is kind of strange. Do you practice everyday? (sorry if you have already answered this, I may have missed it). eg: My mother is 67 years, she was tired ,depressive, did not sleep well etc..I made her changed her bed position to a favorable location (fengshui)and she has been doing zz for 4 weeks everyday, only 10mn (too hard for her to do more)and a self-massage. She feels so much better now, more energetic, don't feel tired anymore, depression symptoms has gone after two weeks ... take care, millet
  3. hello

    I just had quinoa for my dinner!!I love it with some soya sauce and avocados Thanks Rainbow_Vein,I couldn't think of a better way to say "welcome"! millet
  4. hello

    Hello bums, I am happy and somewhat proud to be a new member of this community millet