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  1. Believing vs Trying

    Something I've noticed: I agree-trying never works for me. I think, "I'm not going to play these games anymore, I'm just going to do it" works. The problem I have is talking about what I'm doing, or going to do. Talking about it to anyone sucks the effectiveness right out of it. It deflates, and I "fail". My confidence disappears. If I keep quiet, don't tell even someone who believes in me, I feel at peace about my doing. Is this true for anyone else? Angela
  2. Believing vs Trying

    I love this post. Thank you for sharing, Everything
  3. Nei Yeh Chapter 16

    Hi Manitou This is my first time posting. Hi everyone I have followed this thread, and enjoy it very much. I'm a little reluctant to get involved, because, though I have had vigorous, painful training by The Way since tiny infancy, I am much like it in that I comprehend, but cannot express what I understand in words. I do have a question: What does it mean to align the body, and how is that accomplished? Thanks, Angela
  4. For Moderator

    Thanks Cat I have already increased my "sageness" by hanging around you folks. And I hope to continue to lurk more than post, as I find I come across a lot smarter that way. *crawls back under her rock* Angela
  5. For Moderator

    I'm able to reply now. Don't know why, because it was instant You all are supernatural! Thanks.
  6. For Moderator

    Hello, I have been following (lurking) for a while now, and would have posted or replied to posts, except I don't seem to have permissions. I have tried on several threads, I have the ability to send and receive private messages, to follow a topic, but I cannot start a thread, or reply. Could you please help me with this? Thanks Angela