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    There are many info on our forum, but it's all in ru.lang. Also in the link above - it's not teachers ), they all instructors, and in different directions. You can read a short presentation in eng.lang here Best regards

    Hello, yes you right. Thanks for the kind review of the website! Best gerards

    Hello, On the site is presented only the short genealogy, the full exact lineage holders and the reason why it's not full can be known only to students of the school. Best gerards
  4. Is this Mo Pai Level 1 ?

    If a human being reached yang spirit, then yin spirit is gone. Yang shen - holistic, and does not "scatters to the wind".

    What is called "sitting meditation", is really can be very different practice. Some info about it here But can tell briefly, that sitting meditation CAN NOT be the basic foundation in taoist alchemy systems, if you the accent on this- it can be only Qigong. But a good Qigong also is needed...the question- how to know is that qigong system good or not? Wang Liping and his school does not give taoist alchemy methods. His practice is qigong only. Wuliupai and Longmenpai do not have relations to his school and methods /It discussed earlier/ Yes, they sit in lotus, but we should not forget that on this pictures -immortal beings.

    No, here Of course our school from China, we can tell that in Russia only a one of many branches.But in Russia we are more open to all other counties. The problem in that for people who have decided to take the alchemy path, requires constant konrol and regular classes. Since we do not have branches outside of Russia, this is possible only if the people (students) will be constantly come to Russia. Besides the language of communication may also impose restrictions on communication and understanding (if a mentor does not know English.) With time, after the opening of school, we have found that students are not ready to come for classes regularly, and this is understandable-they must every time to obtain a visa, tickets and accommodation, and so on ... Therefore the site has only exploratory in nature. In the future date when the time comes, can be a development in other countries.

    Hello everybody, and thank you for the interest to the school of alchemy Wu Liu Pai! I'll try to answer on some question in this topic. Sorry for a some delay, but it is not possible to be here very often. Also there isn't an accent on developing in other counties to this moment, and the most important reason of this that we have not branches outside of Russia.
  8. The Chinese Difinition of Chi Kung

    Already a wrong approach because western science does not consider in its theory - qi. And qi is not something virtual, but very real energy. In order to properly consider the question from this point of view, it is necessary to study the course of organic chemistry and biology. You make this offer? Then, good master qigong for whom qi is not a virtual energy (about what many talk), but a very real energy, must apply this theory and his practical knowledge and experience and explain it to you. You are hoping to find here such a man? ))) Nevertheless, let's try to find here the main problem... Af first, you wrote: "The muscle contraction requires a biochemical energy called adenosine triphosphate, ATP". Please explain what is it -"The muscle contraction" ? when it occur?
  9. The Chinese Difinition of Chi Kung

    Because our body - a combination of different energies in different states and manifestations, if you are working with this energy using right methods of qigong (not breathing!) or better alchemy , this strengthens the body and gaining health. All the explanations are short enough, long discussions - from not knowing!
  10. The Chinese Difinition of Chi Kung

    Thanks for the article, but it says only about what I have written earlier and briefly:
  11. The Chinese Difinition of Chi Kung

    Yes, when breathing, an external qi is absorbed from the air, and this is post-heaven qi (气 or 气) But if some of qigong is used this principle as the main method, this is wrong, this distortion and going away from the traditional methods of the neidan. Flee from such masters away. On the other hand, is now to find the right methods ... everywhere and global ignorance of these matters. In the ancient times mainly used 炁 (preheaven energy), but not 气 (post-heaven). All other- fantasy.
  12. The Chinese Difinition of Chi Kung

    YES, this is correct. In true neidan methods, breathing is not used.
  13. Yin Qi vs Yang Qi

    No it's not correct
  14. Buddhist & Taoist Art

    23 pictures with mountain tigers:
  15. What is Shen-Spirit?

    Yes ,the Shen of an ordinary human is the YINSHEN. Capable of wondrous things are possible for Yinshen. But we can speak about YANGSHEN only for those who reach earth immortal, because of the cultivating true alchemy methods. Yes, shamanic practices are actively working with the yinshen.