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  1. hellooooo....

    Hey, is this KeithF? I see your webpage is the AlchemicalTao site. You and I had some e-mail exchanges a couple/few years ago didn't we? All about me is posted on my "myspace" link. My Taoist/Martial arts history/lineage is posted on one of the blogs. Thanks for replying. be well, b.
  2. Free Chinese Astrology Chart

    http://www.astro-fengshui.com/4P%20Charting.html here is another chart generator. It is somewhat variant and there's a engine to enter the longitude of birth also. This did make a difference in my chart in the Monthly and Hour pillars, which, with the above calculator is consistent with what I came up doing my own chart the old fashioned way. Anyway, it's fun. Enjoy. b.
  3. Free Chinese Astrology Chart

    Thank you for sharing this. I'm going to "the end of the line" to post my results and speculations. Thanks again. Year: Metal Rat Month: Water Horse Day: Earth Goat Hour: Metal Goat Inner element: Earth Constellation: Tiger Elements: Wood/1 Fire/2 EArth/5 Metal/2 Water/2 Just by glancing and taking a half educated guess, I'm going to speculate that the "houses", or areas that are influenced by compatible animals are areas that will be more favorable in one's life and by the same token, the flip side is the areas that have adverse or incompatible signs will be more troublesome(?) areas in one's life? Anyway, my health is ruled by Horse, and Rats are supposed to run away from horses! ugh! OH! Another irony (as with the children/offspring signs correlations) In my marriage sector it is ruled by Rooster and I married one! however, I also divorced him :-( teh heh....
  4. Free Chinese Astrology Chart

    Yes, the "offspring" area in my chart also correctly reflects the birth/year sign on one of my children (my first born). Hummm...interesting.
  5. hellooooo....