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  1. Black Magic Spells

    He works in duty free.
  2. Well, that's the point of fantasies, isn't it. You see things how you want to see them. Like teenage girls who have rape fantasies - a turn-on in theory and how they play it out in their minds - but in reality it would be horrific. I fantasied about having kids too. They would be well-behaved, fun as they grew up, and I could pass on my love of music to them. But I know in reality it would be 10% fun and 90% a massive ballache.
  3. Black Magic Spells

    Can we have a spell to stop spam?
  4. Osama bin Laden Dead

    They're all fake... so it would be quite short! It wouldn't be anything like that.
  5. Having a child is not for me. I'm in my early 30s and I never have wanted one, never will want one. People have been telling me for years that I could change my mind but I cannot stand them. As far as I see it, they do little but suck away your time and independence. I just like my own company and space too much. I have no interest in raising another. I don't even have any pets. Getting a life means nothing other than doing exactly what you want to do. Or being as close to it as you feel you can do. Having employment is a necessity - the most any of us can hope is that it's something we like. Or at least something we can bear. I don't like doing things the 'standard' way, but a lot of the time we don't have a choice. Marriage could well be for me, as long as it's with someone who shares the same ideals I do, and has a similar sense of free will.
  6. Taoism and Heavy Metal Music

    What does this even mean? Metal isn't relevant anymore? Maybe not to you, but to millions of other people it is. I'm jaded at the newer stuff myself, but I don't deny that it's extremely popular.
  7. Taoism and Heavy Metal Music

    Time for a thread resurrection. I have been into metal music for many years. It's great to see Aghora here, their work is especially apt for those into Hinduism and Buddhism. In fact, they're probably the best for metal which focuses on Eastern philosophy. A lot of people tend to think of metal music as being quite irreligious, and though it started off that way, it's certainly not anymore. There are plenty of metal bands who write about spirituality, philosophy, religion and nature. Not that many that write about Taoism though! My belief, as a fan of the genre, is that it's not about how music is portrayed, but what is being portrayed. I generally refuse to listen to anti-theistic lyrics... but they're easy to avoid in metal. There are plenty of bands singing about other things. EDIT: Apparently there is a metal band that sings about Taoism called DeathTouch... but the Taoism line sounds more of a gimmick rather than a genuine interest.
  8. Hi all

    I'm here all week!
  9. Hi all

    I have been lurking for a little while, well, a few days, but current board protocol insists I register before I post! So, here I am. Hope to have some lively, and enlightening, discussions with you all.