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  1. There is nothing wrong with spiritual sex in the unity of love of yang and yin. Buddhist are loners or are they not.
  2. Well this does sum up your lack of ability to achieve the highest level of spirituality. But then again your mouth only speak words filled with hot air. Body of light or a body that still needs cultivation.
  3. Al-Qaeda is funded and created by the CIA. Saying that just completely discredit the western media on bin laden's death. Thanks for the support man.
  4. Yeah! It's smoke because you're a sheep in society who thinks the media tells the truth including your government. When they have lied to go to war and lied on what happened on 9/11. You've totally been brainwashed and social condition into believing what you believe when the evidence suggest otherwise. What you believe as evidence is only the CIA cooking the book. Its so obvios you believe in a lie. Let me ask you a question, why did building 7 collapse on 9/11/
  5. Taoist Philosophy - Chapter 115

    humans are eternal spiritual beings who live forever
  6. Yeah, But America has killed more people than Osama Bin Laden in the war. Besides Bin Laden died in 2001.
  7. Ruthless Truth

    truth is what you want to see and what you project. The information you have in your head construct the truth you will see. What you think will manifest what you see. So basically since it varies from person to person, truth is an illusion. Everyone sees the truth in their own light.No one can claim to know the truth but only be a truth seeker.
  8. I probably disagree with killing, but agree to punishment.
  9. Depending on your illusion of reality, its completely up to you.
  10. It is not stupid and and illogical, just in you view. Man I can see that this thread brings out a lot of emotions in you. You must be quite attached to the Dalai Lama. Before, I usually gave the Dalai Lama the benefit of the doubt, but now I just doubt his holiness. Maybe, maybe not.
  11. I say that you believe whatever you want and I will believe whatever I want. Reality is a illusion.
  12. Well, if I have a black and white view of the world than why do researchers say the Dalai Lama is Friend with Nazi members and worked with them. Watch this video and stop being so judgmental because it has national geographic on it. China does have a lot of good historical materials regarding Tibet, but China didnt produce this documentary. The Germans did. The footage was first aired in Germany.