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  1. Joplin Mo

    I saw this in todays NY Times. It's terrible ...
  2. Tonights Full Moon

    oh sh- That's what I get for not sleeping and being on edge because of nicotine withdrawals (I've been bitchy all day, first day of cold turkey) I apologize.
  3. Tonights Full Moon

    The link I posted is the artist's page on InterfaceLift. That's a page made by somebody trying to steal his work. Here's his personal page: http://www.dominickamp.de/
  4. Tonights Full Moon

  5. Late night cravings?

    I find a high fruit mostly-raw-food vegan diet gives me a ton of energy and makes me feel better during the day. Before, I was eating a lot of meat and tended to be sluggish in the afternoon. Occasionally I'll eat a boiled egg, but I'm mostly vegan.
  6. Late night cravings?

    You need to get an A1-C test. Seriously. It sounds like textbook undiagnosed diabetes to me. Your husband as well, manitou. Tell him to get an A1-C and ask his doctor about diabetes. Especially since he's a recovering alcoholic... blood sugar is partially regulated by the liver. Which is damaged with alcoholism.
  7. Tonights Full Moon

    A lot of my friends, who don't normally take notice to such events, were absolutely captivated by the moon last night. I imagined a young homo sapiens long before written history simply gazing up at the full moon. I always will wonder what our distant ancestors thought in such situations. That mystery...
  8. Your guys thoughts on Ron Paul?

    Dagon: By eliminating things such as the Department of Education, he doesn't want it to be left to private enterprise. He follows a strict constitutionalist view that powers not granted to the federal government explicitly should be left up to the states. Such as a Nevada Department of Education having supreme powers over the public schooling in Nevada. The original view of the United States was not with an overbearing federal government like it is now, but a loose confederation of independent regions. Unfortunately, a lot of hardcore right-wing racists subscribe to the states rights ideology in an attempt to reinstate segregation, which gives the benign states rights groups and their members (such as Ron Paul) a lot of bad press when they have valid points. I'll probably be voting for Jello Biafra if he decides to run (Green Party) because my personal beliefs fall more in line with their views than any others, especially modern Republicans and Democrats. I view an absolutely free market as benefiting the rich, not the common people due to the protections granted to corporations and the tendency for monopolies to form. Also, I view the Earth as our mother and we should give her and her inhabitants the utmost respect. You can extrapolate from there where I'm going if you like, but I'd prefer not to turn this into a heated political debate in a sanctuary such as this (or at least I perceive this to be a sanctuary). Not to get off topic or threadjack, Dagon is one of my favorite short stories.
  9. Hey!

    I've come here because taoism intrigues me, yet I know very little on the subject. I've been lurking for a few days before I registered; I feel like this will be a great place for me to begin my learning experience.