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  1. Noob Here

    Hey it's Walther (29) from NYC. It's late so I'll keep it short: Been "into Taoism" or "a Taoist" (whatever you prefer) for about 6 years. I realized I was a Taoist pretty much immediately after (during, actually) I read the TTC for the first time. Practice: I do Xing Yi Chuan, usually considered one of the Taoist martial arts (a "sister art" of Tai Chi), and a bit of macrocosmic orbit circulation (and various other practices). I was into Martial Arts well before I got into Xing Yi, though. And I'm a bit of a nerd, so I read and discuss as much as I can about Taoism... and other things. Peace. Walther NYC
  2. Noob Here

    Haha, so the egg's on my face now: I didn't read as much as I should have before I posted. It seems, for example, that my quick-n-dirty description of Xing Yi was totally unnecessary, as there's a number of XYC/IMA people here. Really, this being a Taoist board, I should have figured you all would know that. And I'm pleasantly surprised at how many people are doing high-level cultivation and such - I thought it was mostly just people posting poems about nature and stuff (which is totally cool w/ me, BTW!). So now I REALLY look like the noob! Anyway, I do look forward to hanging out and being a Tao Bum. If my practice weren't so meager I'd start a Personal Practice thread, but I have to seriously cut down on ejaculation first. As I said, my practice consists of basically some Zen-type meditation, some Macrocosmic Orbit, and XY five-element forms (I do a lot of other martial arts too, BTW). I also try to eat and sleep well and consult my Chinese herbalist regularly. It ain't much but I love it. Tchao! Walther NYC PS - Thanks for the welcome, Yoda. I wanna be a Jedi some day myself!