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  1. Is it strange?

    Hello Basher Thank you for the welcome. Lao = old Zi = child/son/ boy Something like your Lao Ba But you would already know this from the telepathic posting on the " " forum.
  2. Is it strange?

    & to Apech as the old boy said: "How do I know? By means of this!" (I rather suspect that a well meaning student got boxed around his ears!)
  3. Is it strange?

    A pleasure to read your responses. And thank you for the welcome.
  4. and information please

    Thank you both for the welcome and the replies.
  5. and information please

    Could someone show me where the forum rules (following on from loss of the way) reside? And how to amend my profile and make a signature block? Many thanks
  6. Is it strange?

    Greetings to you all Does it not seem rather strange to join a discussion group about Tao when it is beyond words?