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  1. I too am interested in the 'spiritual' heart. Ramana Maharshi says that before waking we rest in our heart until the "I" thought shoots up to the head via the amrita nadi within a split second upon waking. This spiritual heart also known as the hridaya is on the right side of the chest. Devotee: "Should I meditate on the right chest in order to meditate on the Heart?" Bhagavan: "The Heart is not physical. Meditation should not be on the right or the left. It should be on the Self. Everyone knows "I am". It is neight within nor without, neither on the right nor the left: "I am" - that is all". See: http://www.beezone.com/AdiDa/KneeofListening/study_amrita_nadi.html I think the sufi's call it akhfa. See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lataif-e-sitta I was able to experience a fire in the right heart which lasted a few days within minutes of skyping with this guy: ramaji.org So I know it is definitely there. I would like to find a practicing sufi in my area (Melbourne) who I can learn from.
  2. Interesting.. I'm drawing parallels to the sun and it's cycles and astrology.. just like the sun's home is in the fire sign leo the lion heart, maybe our home too is in fire of the treasure chest of the heart
  3. desires and age

    Why is it that most of the people preaching to give up desires and "go within" are old men? If satisfaction lies inside, why do we bother to reproduce? Without desires there is no life? Maybe i'm unclear about something. Sorry.. a bit of context.. I had just watched this video by Eknath Easwaran
  4. Intellectualism is for wimps

    I have no idea what you're talking about deci
  5. The pineal gland is very interesting, I once had a lot of energy going through there and what I experienced was something like nonduality. Identification with my body specifically my face dropped away such that there is a viewing, eating and smelling apparatus on the face but there's nobody personal there. I rarely had to blink. There was another experience where the energy was so concentrated that I could look directly at the afternoon sun.. I didn't sleep that night haha I also recently had an experience where upon focusing on the pineal gland my vision became glazed with a white light. Stuff like that.
  6. Why we fight to teach each other...

    Who's the one wasting energy? From now on I forbid you from wasting energy. Now go forth!
  7. languages and I

    Are there languages around the world that don't use "I" or that don't reference the ego self? Would be interested to know, Cheers.
  8. What is the best way to think about sex.

    I tend not to think about it, it's more something i do.. Good for bonding, expression of love or fun times.
  9. Do you cease to exist ?

    If the mind realizes 'I am no one' than fear will come - but if the heart knows 'I am no one' fear is gone. Mooji
  10. Do you cease to exist ?

    Thanks for posting the quote, I like it a lot
  11. Bias against New Age

    Take bashar for example. You don't have to believe that an ET is talking through him to appreciate the stuff he says, I find some of it to be thought provoking and easily applied to daily life.
  12. Bias against New Age

    TzuJanLi, your words remind me of Robert Adams. "There is a way for a person to awaken, and that way is to stop thinking. Stop thinking. He says that sounds good, but how do you do it? When the mind becomes quiescent, quiet, still, realization comes all by itself. There is absolutely nothing you have to do to bring it about. As an example, the sun shines all by itself. Let's call the sun the Self, consciousness, pure awareness. Yet every once in a while, clouds form beneath the sun. And the sun doesn't seem to shine any longer. Your thoughts are the clouds. Whatever you think, no matter what you think about, as long as you think, you're covering up the sun, which is the Self. It makes no difference what you're thinking, good thoughts, bad thoughts, or any kind of thoughts. All thoughts are clouds, all thoughts. And they cover up the sun. So it is your true nature, is the Self. You're really the Self, all-pervading, reality. It is your thoughts that cover up the Self. Whatever you allow what you think, you cover up the Self more and more and more. You're only covering up the Self. The Self will shine all by itself when you stop thinking. Stop thinking, totally, unconditionally. Stop thinking. " ~ Robert Adams
  13. Ambition - Be a Mountain Sage

    let me know once you find god
  14. neat story...well written

    amazing, thanks.
  15. Energy Healing - Does it really work?

    maybe try plant medicine, I had a lot of success with ayahuasca to rid of candida. It pretty much cleared out my issues in the GI tract, of course diet is important too. Work out what are the best foods for you body, usually vegetables and fruits. In terms of energy healing, I have had experiences of feeling energetically full and elevated from others channeling chi and what not. It lasts temporarily then I'm back to normal haha. I have also tried healers who work on the subconscious level (holographic, muscle testing), such techniques had the most success. I didn't experience anything straight away, but the same night when I went to sleep I would have what I think is a processing of karma. I was shown demons and I would face them without fear. I used to experience anxiety (fast beating of the heart, shallow breathing) in some social situations and after that night it was gone. That was using the LifeLine Technique. As with many of these techniques there's no guarantee you will experience results and I'm pretty impatient, if nothing happens after the first session I won't have another one. But yeah.. I think since you have GI tract troubles ayahuasca is my recommendation. I suggest you read up about it and see if it's right for you.