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  1. How to Kill Candida in Prostate?!?!

    I am using combucha, kefir and coconut butter, and lost the sympthoms for 2 years as of now. Did you try them? But they never completely die, and pop up when I take carbs from wheat based grains for a few days.
  2. Can anybody give some info as to why is it a no no while practicing? I know each specific exercise requires a specific tounge position, but I never come across anything on this.(And I correctly practice per instructions, all on roof on mouth) But placing the tip behind lower front teeth actually did good to me while practicing certain hand mudra meds, both sitting and standing, and besides other goodies, channelled excess Qi down via the front channel. Please don’t advise me to find a teacher or if you really do not know. πŸ˜ƒ Thanks very much to all, and have a wonderful new year.
  3. What happens to suicides?

    So you ended up in a sh.ty place with your vehicle, and got confused so much that you want to crash your vehicle delibaretely. If you crash it, you might not be imbursed a new one by the insurance co. as you were deliberate, and caused unnecessary turmoil to interdependent fellows on the road, and might get stuck in the same place, with a much inferior vehicle, or none, depending on your past records. Only way to move on is by another vehicle as you had not cultivated wisdom enough to figure out what is really happening. Only a weathered vehicle can get you out of your current scenery, so while you still have a decent one, hang on to it. Stop listening to the whining channel on your receiver and start by cleaning up, do some maintanence and get it physically fit. Happiness sprouts from physical balance, and a balanced vehicle withstands anything with a hearty laugh.
  4. Blue Light

    Besides the phosphoric phenomena which is absolutely inner-physical, there is also a bluish inner vision when Watcing is done above eye levels, meaning it becomes very easy to imagine things with a bluish tint. Also the jhana level when an internal light appears by itself also contains blue as well as golden. I manged to come barely this far. There is also an atomic reaction in the central channel, which feels very physical, its radiations I feel, see and hear internally. My opinion is when this purifies and gets more intense by practice with a kundalini-shielded body, then this radiation will be observable from the outside.
  5. Free Will

    Consider a hypnotised person say, he thinks he is a donkey. It never occurs to him that something may be wrong with him. He behaves and justifies himself through a set of beliefs - data - and feels very free willed, with all the things he can do in a situation as a donkey personality. To will, we have to think, to think we have to remember. To remember, we need to access data/memories. Well, data seems to be accessible with set of rules and is provided with a limit. Yes there is freedom to will within this set.
  6. Oneness Blessing (deeksha)

    The question I have, is it fully yours after attaining it since it is an outside intervention to your system. Does it really cultivate your own wisdom to be practically useful on your path, aside from experiencing some higher manifestations still bound in dimensions. With all respect, I am just curious.
  7. Protection from leeches

    Kuji in is a powerfull tool if you would like to use. Incorporate it into your daily meditation, a mantra is not mandatory. Climb up to the final mudra by starting from the first one and do them in order. The last mudra combines all the energies of the previous ones and forms a shield. Call that shield when necessary after you have some proffeciency. Warning: its a two way path which can push you into deep hell as well if you are not "clean" at heart, or had a drug issue in the past.
  8. The extremes unite, when you do so sincerely, it becomes meditation and effort :-) Sincerety is awareness. Has to be included in this formula.
  9. Aum current

    Aum comes as a very physical vibration between my heart center and lower back skull, which intensifies when i lay down. It is a very low pitch Mmmmmmm, blueish and very dissolving. I don't intend to pursue it but would like to learn more if there is any practical info other than religious and new age stuff. I don't do any mantra meditation, it came unexpected. Help is very much appreciated, thanks.
  10. It does make a diff. In wind position (behind the teeth) conception and governing channels are merged to boost chi of external organs.(also says Dr. Yang Ywing-Ming) In water pos (on the soft palate) the central channel (Chong mai) is boosted. (Says Sifu Chris Matsuo) You can see the difference by doing a moving meditation and then a still meditation with the tongue on each alternate position, then compare the outcome. It is not that hard. Fire position (on the hard palate) I don't have much to say.
  11. Authentic Kuji-in

    Sifu Chris Matsuo has at least two recorded workshops on practical applications of kuji hand seals. They may not be on display for sale, but you can request them by contacting him.This may not be what you exactly requested though, but his teachings are excellent and practicable.
  12. What happens if we die?

    Intellect seems to me the configuration to process streaming data, and prediction of a future event is the pulling out and processing of previous recordings, and record the conclusion :-) Well, death seems to be the end of streaming data which can be recognized by our physical config. We kind of leave the zone of physical knowing and its interpretation tools. There also seems to be a "being mode" which owns physical knowing mode, out of the coordinate system, and feels more real, if not another illusion. Staying in this being mode gives some comfort as well as tremendous positive emotions, which might give a clue of what is there after we hit the ground.
  13. A Path To Enlightenment

    Dear Dawg, Thank you for your wonderful insights and good intentions. Also thank you for revealing the color of your heart with this post. Thank you Gerard as your light helped me identify yet another boulder. I am not a Taoist, don't do Bagua. But I sincerely think your heart is one of the most useful assets in this forum for inspiration.
  14. Heart-centered living and Middle Dan Tien precautions

    Hi Chruncy, Good old prayer mudra, do it and be still for 10 minutes each day, and increase the time gradually if you wish. My experience, does exactly what you asked to me. Best
  15. Christian Qi Gong Masters !?

    Deleted the post, as it was irrevelant with OP's question.