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  1. Gung Fu Tea

    Here is a good travel article about Taiwanese tea from a Western point of view. http://en.epochtimes.com/news/7-9-17/59856.html The article has some interesting information in it: eg: - "a high quality Oolong can be steeped up to 20 times" - talks about how important the water is what you use for the tea etc. Its a good read!
  2. Gung Fu Tea

    I'm quite new to the topic but my Taichi master has a lot of knowledge about the subject. In one of our training camps he gave a talk about the Chinese tea ceremony, the different kind of teas and he also gave a little cultural-historical background. He also showed how the tea drinking is done and we could taste different kind of teas. Some of my taichi friends also drink tea this way so when at their flat I could relish these wonderful falvors. I really got enthusiastic about it. The only problem is to really cultivate this way of drinking tea, you need to by so many things: gaiwan, serving vessel, teacups, teapots, etc. that you haven't even drank a drop of tea you have spent a lot. Where I live it is not very easy to find these products to start with. But I'm relentless and decided to find all I need to be able to enjoy those fantastic tastes that the Chinese teas have to offer. Maybe later I will write a longer post based on the presentation.
  3. New from Europe

    Hi Everybody, I have just registered, but I have read quite a lot of topics already. I live in Europe. I practice taichi (Yang style) and am interested in Buddhism and Taoism. Hope to participate in interesting discussions. Peace, DaBee