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  1. mopai

    Frankly, I haven't personally investigated any other neigong schools. You and others probably know more about all the different schools discussed here in thedaobums. I haven't heard of a similar school either, whether in Indonesia or in China. As for the other question, I don't know where you get the information that training in Mopai can free you from reincarnation. Reincarnation is such an abstract concept, who really knows whether it happens or not, let alone whether training in neigong can affect it. Reincarnation is not a topic discussed at the school and its exit or whatever is certainly not the goal of any students.
  2. mopai

    Hi Flyinghigh: Zou Huo Ru Mo occurs because qi accumulates in incorrect channels or places, leading to unhealthy consequences. Other examples of Zou Hou Ru Mo include seeing "fireflies" during meditation, enlarged necks, random vibrations somewhere in the body. I don't know what the final consequence is for each of these conditions but it can't be good. We believe that neigong can be only taught in person and not through the internet. In addition, you need a real teacher, who can gauge qi and more importantly can test the students' progress. There are no signs for completion of level 1 in Mopai (Keeping a journal won't help because meditation efficiency differs between people and can be very very inefficient for some). Thus, even if you have the correct exercises, they are USELESS because without John Chang's supervision and tests, you can't progress beyond level 1.
  3. mopai

    You may have intense heat but it has nothing to do with completion of level 1 in Mopai.
  4. mopai

    That is why you can't treat Kostas' books as your bible!
  5. mopai

    Jim couldn't be a real teacher because in Mopai, one can't be a teacher if he can't check the students' progress. Jim made up some signs like intense heat that supposedly show completion of level 1 but those were completely false. No Mopai students ever had those "signs".
  6. mopai

    The point that I asked him not to believe is that one can progress in neigong without a real teacher. There are so many subtleties that can't simply be taught over the net (even through skype). Remember that Jim didn't progress without a teacher. Putting a web site that encourages people to practice Mopai on their own is irresponsible.
  7. mopai

    Sabretooth, please do yourself a favor and stop practicing the so called "Mopai" exercises obtained from the web/books. There are so many mistakes that can really harm you. It is WISHFUL thinking that one can practice neigong without a real teacher to check in person (i.e. DON'T believe More_pie_guy or Kenbrace). In fact, the "sign" of progress in in the palm you have mentioned above is actually a sign of very bad thing. In Chinese, this is called Zou Huo Ru Mo. 走火入魔。 I am posting this so that hopefully no one gets hurt.
  8. I can't help to interject here. The reason there are so many controversies, in my opinion, is because you, MPG and a few folks, who only "learned" a few basic things on Mopai from Jim, claimed you know it all. You took another steps and said that no other systems are worthwhile. If John Chang said that, people may stop and ponder. However, JC didn't say that and would have never said so. He knows there are many systems in China and at one time in the past, China was full of high level neigong practioners and most of them weren't Mopai. Clearly there many ways to neigong. Please stop referring to your own understandings as "Mopai's" views.
  9. Mopai is closed unless you are accepted by John Chang. You may practice level 1 but you won't be able to progress much further than that. Jim made up all the "signs" that supposedly one can feel upon completion of level 1, presumably to sell his book and to start his own school. In reality, there are no signs. Progress can only be measured by a person like John Chang.
  10. Hello my brothers, my name is Paul

    I agree with Aetherous, I am sure John Chang didn't give you permission to teach Mopai. You are doing what "Shifu Lin" Naziri was doing...claiming you are mopai practioner when you are not. Please don't call MPG's or your way as Mopai's way. It is absurb! The real Mopai students respect all other teachings and would never insult other schools.MPG or KenBrace are definitely not Mopai! They have never met John Chang. They only learned "mopai" practices thr internet via Jim and Kostas' book. There were so many errors and misunderstandings. Neither Kostas nor Jim spoke Indonesian so there are many things that were misunderstood. The way I see it, this forum administrators did absolutely the right thing by banning them,especially after reading all the angry words at MPG's web site. How can such an angry individual practice Mopai?
  11. What would you ask a master?

    Hi Charles, Are you sure that Jiang is real? Personally, I still have a lot of doubts. In China, there are numerous reports of charlatan using battery as "qi" to sell socalled wonder Chinese. Here is one: You may want to translate the article with google translator but the picture is clear. Here is another report with many "qigong" masters capable of transmitting electric-like qi and use cup on the back to demonstrate the so called "blocked" qi in the blood. This is an identical feat usually done by Jiang and his students. This article talks about the qigong masters as part of "free" foot massage during a tourist tour in Zhangjiajie but of course they will try to sell you their "wonder" drugs. So far, all the demos by Jiang can be explained by static electricity or laser. I still have yet to see a demo that is hard to explain to show a real qi ability (like telekinesis in Jim McMillan's video). Finally, it bothers me a great deal when Zhai Jiang Feng changed his name on his web site to Jiang Feng. For Chinese, last name is so important, you don't suddenly drop your last name and call yourself Dr Jiang when your real name should be Dr. Zhai. This makes me wonder if there is something amiss.
  12. Dividing Dragons from the Snakes

    Don't be so sure about Dr Jiang Feng or Zhai Jiang Feng. Since publication of one of his students in Taiwan Daily, which alleged that Zhai used Tesla Coil to fool the unsuspected victims, I haven't seen any information that would indicate otherwise. His lineage is a suspect, his hunger for big money is a big problem, his so called transfer of qi from bulls (for $) is yet another money grabbing scheme that you should be wary about. In China, there are many stories about so called "qigong" experts that demonstrate similar abilities (using clotted blood from patient's back as indicator of qi blockage, electric-like effects from hands). They have been exposed by authorities as wearing shoes with batteries.
  13. Inner Peace and Nei Kung

    I can tell you unequivocally that this is impossible if your "Shifu Lin" is indeed a high level student as you claimed he is. We know all the advanced students, past or present. The other damning evidence (that this "Shifu Lin" didn't learn Mopai from the Indonesian school) is that all your described levels and techniques are extremely similar to that of Jim's. Unknown to you (Shifu Lin), there are major and minor differences that make it very clear these aren't from the current Mopai Head. The only logical conclusion is that your original source is Jim and that Lin is not what you said who he is. At any case, it is preposterous to create an "official" Mopai web site. You should take it down!
  14. You are not a slave for 13 years! As a student, you have lots of qi, learned lots of magic stuff out of this world. Why shouldn't you be grateful for that? It has been explained to you multiple times why John Chang couldn't teach you further and why he didn't deliver the news to you personally through the phone. You should realize that you usually communicated with him through a translator only. May be you should have learned Indonesian or Chinese? Things might have been a lot clearer. What is your point in writing a book and criticizing your ex-teacher again and again? To show people how ungrateful you are and how angry you have been? What would that accomplish? I guess you have a group of followers but you have also created a monster in Naziri/Lin who stabbed you on your back. There have been many people who offered you good advice in this forum (like YM Wong in this thread, your friend Truth Seeker in the Lin/Naziri thread, Drew, Ken whom I quoted in 2011), so I won't repeat them again. At any case, good luck with your cancer. It isn't good for the body to fight any disease, let alone cancer if one is angry and full of hatred all the time. In Chinese, angry is 生气 (Sheng Qi). One can translate that into "generating qi" but in some people's interpretation, Sheng qi results in loss of qi. In your state of mind, all the qi that you have generated in 13 years were probably long gone.