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  1. An immortal.

    I corrected the link.
  2. Hey Drew! I can you are super honest about everything. That is one of your virtues. Thanks again for coming back! Of course, what I really want to find out is Drew's thoughts after a silent meditation retreat . If you are running some long term deficiencies, maybe you ought to do acupuncture to open up your channels. I find it works just as well as SFQ , especially for physical based ailments. Also it is depending on who's needling you. Cheers Starhawk
  3. Complete Reality section

    Hi Deci belle, It seems you can see into the situation of the present moment and what is about to occur, yet not knowing what is going to happen, thereby allowing the karma of that moment to pass by into oblivion without so much a forethought (pun intended). Can I ask what it is that you focus in a day, outside of meditation that allows for the natural unfolding and high riding of the karmic potential within a particular situation? Cheers. Starhawk
  4. [HHC Study] Hua Hu Cing Chapter 4

    Thanks Manitou. I finally brought it full circle to understand that Te is our original nature. This original nature does not contain anger or other emotions that cause sickness (in fact, there are 7 destructive emotions in TCM that destroy our Chi and imbalance our yin and yang).
  5. Hello. Mods, can I have a personal practice log? Among other things, it would help me be on Taobums all the time Starhawk
  6. Changing Destiny, Liao Fan's Four Lessons

    Thank you Harmonious Emptiness and Sati. The video was very fun to watch. It reminded me of a traditional Taoist text which is similar to Liao Fan's 4 lessons, but is shorter. Strengthen the understanding of cultivating your morality as the basis for part of your spiritual improvement. A side benefit is the assured gaining of good fortune in the physical realm. It is called the Tai Shan Kan Yin Pien "Strengthen Your Way" Part of it is posted here for those who have not encountered it. [Exerpted from The Key to Good Fortune: Refining your Spirit, by Hua-Ching Ni] My favorite exerpts of the Master Ni, Hua Ching translation: Tai Shan Kan Yin Pien "The Truth of Life is the Law of Spiritual Correspondence." "Calamities and blessings do not come through any definite, distinguishable door; it is the person who invites them. The subtle response of universal energy to one's mind and behavior is not usually recognized as the reason for calamities or blessings. Yet the accuracy of energy correspondence always occurs to people. Some of the ancients called the law of energy correspondence the law of retribution. Whatever name is used it means that whatever a person gives out, he or she also receives. In fact, the quality and quantity of a person's life is totally affected or changed by the way a person thinks or behaves. The consequences of good and evil thoughts and behaviors are as inevitable as the shadow which accompany your body. People bear the marks of crimes and sins on their auras unless personal reformation has occurred. the aura is a person's energy field that consists of one's spiritual reality.People carry their spiritual reality with them, and the external world responds with corresponding energy. The response from the subtle realm to a person's aura is as exact as if a spiritual being were keeping records of one's evil deeds, and determining punishment according to the seriousness of the transgression... Increase the goodness by accumulating virtue and amass spiritual merit by thinking good thoughts and doing good deeds. Have a compassionate heart towards all creatures. Be loyal to the real authority of life, which is the spiritual energy of your life... cultivate yourself; this will bring forth good influences on others. ... The benefits of extending the kindness of a personal good nature are great. One who is good is respected by people. People of righteousness and peaceful energy find that happiness and wealth will follow them, all evil things will shun them, and spiritual beings will protect them. The person may even become an immortal or a god. ... Improvement occurs not only on the level of action, but also in thought. He who thinks good, even before the good is accomplished, will find good spirits helping him. Conversely, he who thinks evil, even before the evil is done, will find that the bad spirits are together with him. " Anyone who would like the entire text may PM me. Thank you.
  7. Hi Bums. I am studying the Tai Shang Kan Yin Pien. 太上感应篇 In this Dao Treatise, it specifies the number of deeds that must be performed in order to entreate the Heavenly energies to respond to you. "Those who wish to attain heavenly saintliness, should perform 1,300 good deeds, and those who wish to attain to earthly saintliness should perform 300 good deeds. (295-316)" Yet... What is the origin for specifying that the Immortal aspirant must complete 1,300 good deeds? Why is a number specified? What is the reason for specifying 3 years as the cycle for which good and evil deeds are tallied and brought to Heaven's Judgement? Thanks and I look forward to your discussions. Starhawk
  8. Sending Chi into something

    Hey Ya Mu, What school of Taoism is your Tao teacher from? I am also in the midwest and I am considering doing something for spring break-- a trip to Indiana might be in my future I just don't necessarily want to spread myself too thin. I already have a couple teachers for qigong systems.Is there a litmus test for when you should consider learning another system? Thus far, I want to be conservative and not test out too many qigong systems. Thanks!
  9. Small Universe (MCO) and the Kidniea

    Yeah, I'm no expert, I'll say that. I just skimmed, but I'll say just ask a master healer to detect any holes in your aura/ space-time anomalies. It is probably just some type of kidney deficiency but I'm just guessing. Take herbs, go see a chinese herbalist. FYI, you also need to have qi before you circulate MCO. This can mean gather qi (like doing level 1 extra long) before you circulate. Don't ejaculate or have sex for as long as possible. Don't have sex for at least a day or more after an energy healing. In fact, ideally, don't ejaculate for a couple weeks, as this builds energy warmth in the body. See what happens and if this changes. Do the 100 day practice. Don't get caught up in the nature of the beast. Just do your exercises diligently, I'd say. Qigong is about simplicity, especially for newbies, so why jump off the deep end to describe a space-flux, etc? SFQ is pretty safe I would think, but there is other qigong that can be dangerous if done incorrectly, etc. That is why you need a solid foundation first. There is some zhang zheng in the level 2 move where you stick out your hands and hold them up there. Check it out. hope this helps.
  10. Carry water Chop wood

    Cool, Sinfest for opening up that Chop Wood Carry Water parable I always saw in your signature. But I am still attached to the little book icon that kept scribing away (of course, as if it was really writing anything to begin with). Ok, can I play, let's re-write the story for different scenarios? #1. Would it make sense if you combine Taro and Ichiro into one persona? Would it be any easier to live a secular life, but have a strict discipline with the purpose of spiritual enlightenment? [i think the 9th Chan Patriarch said something like "If you seek enlightenment, stay away from the monastery." Please correct me if this isn't exactly worded. ] -------------------------- #2. Just an question in theory. Suppose now Ichiro was not in the monastery but high in the mountains studying the Tao as a hermit. What if Taro the businessman brother paid Ichiro to meditate for him all day, even though Taro thought his hermit brother mad? (Thus: could Ichiro pass his merits to Taro in exchange for grain)? Would Taro be on his way to obtain the Tao as well just by living his ordinary life, giving alms, and not seeking anything, perhaps meditating 2 hours a night to clear his mind ;D? Would Taro need to become a hermit later in his life? -------------------------- #3. In theory then, no matter who you are in the story, or how important your job is, (even if Taro became the emperor of China), and you were diligent enough to do your meditations, you might find enlightenment, right? What then, is keeping you from getting enlightened: your job, being emotionally attached to your job, or your ego? -------------------------- #4. Is the only way for Ichiro to stop his ego from seeking enlightenment, to sit quietly? How do you not attach to sitting and the monastery, if that is all you know? Thanks I had to get all that out. Cheers.
  11. My Little Pony

    That's what I want to be when I grow up I bet the horses are Taoists, lets ask them about their diet Do immortals fart and what colors?
  12. Of young souls, fear and kidneys

    15 minutes ago I felt like a cat stuck in a tree . I had an episode of irrational fear as I was catching a spider so I could free it later. I put a cup to the ceiling,but I didn't want to lift it down as I was afraid it would jump on me. So I literally stood with my arms to the ceiling for 5 gut wrenching minutes. Rationally I knew the worst that could happen is the spider spazs at me and I accidentally swash it. But I didn't want to let go. So that is me being a cat stuck in a tree
  13. Of young souls, fear and kidneys

    Great article Gerard, I believe the article would agree fear is the root of evil and incorrect views. Fear as an emotion in the 5 element cycle damages kidneys, so perhaps, older souls have more guard against this destructive cycle, purely by seeing the situation for what it is, and not giving in to basal fear and carnal based motives. Thus they work within the constructive cycle of 5 elements, obtaining joy, longevity, growth, etc. continuously. Could choosing the right thought and action lead to reduction of fear and hence your good fortune? Is this some type of inner knowledge that old souls have?
  14. My Little Pony

    So many apples and colorful cartoon horses, not entirely sure what to think as a guy, but that's good, I think! My opinion is entirely my own I used to ride horses, apparently I have good horse intuition said others in the barn. Although I can't tell what these ponies are up to in these youtube videos... PS Sinfest, why turn your rainbow pony upside down? edit: NM, I figured out the double rainbow! I think you should make a 360 degree rainbow because that's how they really are if there was only sky
  15. Anyone tried remote viewing?

    Why do you want to know, Everything? What "results" are you looking for? (ask your heart what you mean by "results") Then, when sitting meditation, just sit. Don't stir up more than you need to, right? Why spend all that time only to stir it up? Minimalism. Don't you like just sitting? I do. Everything is distraction for now (puns intended)