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  1. Hey people, Im new to this forum and what brought me here is a question that spurred my curiosity. Here is the thing. Have you ever talked to yourself? not necessarily out loud, but like saying: "hey [your own name], whats up?", or ask any question. At first usually its hard to get an answer, maybe you get a lazy "yeaaah" or "whaaat" or something.. Within some time though you are talking to a different you, that can give you insights, is smarter, more relaxed, even high, or even sleepy... At least that's what happens to me. I connect to a "higher self" it seems, and sometimes this 'personality' after connecting can overcome the usual personality for some time and be my own self. I wonder, what is that that you are talking to when you talk to yourself? who do you reach?Is is your higher self, your inner buddha, your heart, your right brain? Or maybe youre just developing a split personality? LOL... I wonder what you think about it.
  2. Hello from Europe!

    Hi all! I have joined the forums a while ago because I found some interesting stuff over here. And now I decided to post because I am curious about a question about the mind that I have. Dunno what else to say, I am practicing taoist breathing and chi gung, the water school, but I am still a beginner in these practices. I hope they can make me live a more natural and balanced way of life long term. Love the site so far! Peace! Vasea
  3. Hi Jetsun! thanks for getting back! I can't find how to PM here on this forum but please click on my contact info email so we can talk via email.

  4. Hey, you sent me a message asking about a water method thread , was there something in particular you wanted to discuss? I tried to send you a private message but it said I couldn't do if for some reason

  5. Hi,

    I read your post at "Stillness movement & Water method for psyche healing" and I would like to discuss with you further. Can you send me a message?