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  1. The 256 year old man

    The only story of a old man ??? is Moses. Then again the story of the Tibetan mountian man. Both over 250 years old.. The only thing there is no proof of anyone in our world that lived over a 125 years and was even close to be able to prove it. I guess people are wishing upon a star.
  2. The 256 year old man

  3. RE: The Buddha Bums

  4. Greetings to all

    Greetings. Stop by once and awhile. You say keeping things honest. I think everybody thinks they are then that leaves who is right again. I think people just need to allow people to go throught what ever they think they have to and be able to throw a few pointers for them if they want it. If one is coming from ego there is nothing we can do really. Just site back and enjoy the ride. Just don't allow them to take you off the tracks. Love and Light T
  5. Greetings. I would like to say all teachings are different and all teachings are the same. If you have something to give out you give it out. If you want something you look and find it. If it is not want you want you walk away. If a teachers respects his student he respects himself. If a student respects his teacher he respects him self. If ego is a part of any of it you are not where you think you are. That goes for the best to the worst. I listen and very seldom write anything but to see such petty stuff going on is very sad. We are all here to learn but we are not all here to attack each other. I have been with Max for awhile and studied mostly with Richard If I did not get what I needed I would leave. In peace. Nobody will ever really be right the same as nobody will ever be wrong. Until we realize we can only give what we think we know we won't have to say anything is really better then something else. The old saying if the shoe fits wear it and if doesn't fit you it will fit someone else. T
  6. Greetings

    Greetings. It has been many months I was just reading but feel it is time to put a few words out there. Just want to say Kunlun has been helping me and my partner very much. I studied many paths including the white brotherhood. I see that through all my studies I havn't found any body more real then max. I did meet a few really powerful people but that is all they are. I found the only thing that really matters is can my teacher help me. There are many saying they are working with many people but are they all learning anything. Not every teacher is for every person. The only thing I will say is you must be with a teacher to see if he is right for you. Love and Light to all T-Hawk