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  1. is it possible to see chi?

    My view is: air is energy & energy is chi. Hence Air is chi / Qi. Therefore, qi floats in our bodies all the time & we only c it in winter (under normal circumstances, I say normal, but this is different for everyone). We r based in the material world & the spiritual world, the duplicity of our existance. So ur mind is bombarded wiv chi always & everywhere & it depends on where u r on this scale. I do not believe the scale is a static one, but is malleable, so it depends on ur mind set as to where u r on any particular moment. This scale is not even is a straight line, it isn't even a line. It is. Cing energy yes, feeling energy yes. Subtlety. Do not look for the grand, but the minute. The grand is a reflection of the minute.
  2. simplify

    Primordial ;-)
  3. simplify

    Nonchalant ;-)
  4. simplify

    Foundations ;-)
  5. simplify

    inspired ;-)
  6. simplify

    superior knowledge of wealth ;-)
  7. simplify

    Abstract ;-)
  8. simplify

    ossolation ;-)
  9. simplify

    equilibrium ;-)
  10. simplify

    combobulation ;-)
  11. Why Taoism?

    Why Taoism? For me Tao allows the space for the equilibrium between the material & spiritual worlds. It's the guiding hand that delicately nurtures my inquisitive soul. Opens my eyes to the surrounding natural path of my life. Maintains my equilibrium via the harmony of my nature.
  12. Who still doing Tao of Nature - Daosim?

    The isolation technic seems like an idea from the Dragon Gate. but that is solo isolation not multiple
  13. struggling in push hands

    Relax, stick with ur partners hands/arms. Relax, stick with ur partners hand/arms. The flow is the connection that is maintained. Stay within ur personal space, do not over reach, stay calm & relaxed. Then start to have fun.
  14. Regret in life

    Preparing for old age is a responsibility that we all have to undergo. It's like a pension, what you put in comes back to you, unless the pension fund is run by others that yourself.
  15. Does Taoism believe in a God?

    Everyone has their own interpretation of Tao, this is healthy. It brings thoughts & discussion to the table. If you want to pray to the Tao, that's good too. IMO, better to exercise. Better to focus on your vibration & observe the vibrations of the world. Just because my interpretation of the vibration is different to others, maybe means I am only able to view from this perspective at this point in my life & is fit for the purpose. Tomorrow, my vibration will be different, therefore the perspective can / will alter. As for the terminally ill child, maybe instead of praying, some hands on healing, fresh air, increase the flow of Chi.