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  1. Unlocking the Mysteries of Life

    Matter would not have an existence with out mind, and mind could not be formed with out matter. For one to exist the other is needed.
  2. Non-Attachment to thoughts is the Way

    Very good post. From what I have experience in non-attachment, fits what you are saying. I do not know of any one method/path that fits all individuals as to how this state can be achieved or maintained. Letting go and not allowing for attachment to anything, not having feelings for anything beyond the moment. Being empty when in active, and only addressing actions in the moment, letting go once the moment has passed, never allowing one to become overwhelmed by emotion felt toward the event.
  3. Is committing murder against the tao?

    No committing murder would not be immoral or against the Tao, as the Tao itself makes no distinction on such things. However killing of anything even for self preservation or sustenance could cause one to have a hard time, and not allow them to be close with the Tao.
  4. Hello

    Hello to all, I am new here but am looking forward to learning more about myself as well as others while discovering more about the Tao.
  5. Is absorbing the world around him.