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  1. Black Magic Spells

    Oh. How excellent !!! This "Voted best spellcaster of the year **" is selling amulet on her website "" . How come she got permanently banned for the offensive post at here ? link: How dose this "Voted best spellcaster of the year **" hate the "events of Taoist Master Wang Liping, Lao Zi Academy (" ? Why dose she target the "Syllabus of Master Wang Liping's Inner Alchemy (Nei-Dan) Training Classes" ?
  2. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Oh. 'TheTaoBum' still owe you $100. I remembered at somewhere you mentioned the real person behind this ID is at the age of 35-40 years old. For such aged person, do this scam and deal with $25 payment / month, indicates the person is a professional scamer not only in this forum.
  3. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Pie, This thread start with the topic of "Mozi Neidan Scam". You as a claimant for damages, did you get your money back from the 'TheTaoBum' ? Did the seller's following claim shown right or wrong ?
  4. HLT

    Why some people consider Healing Tao a fraud ? I have followed a lot of his teachings and have made a lot of healing progress; I am grateful to the man who helped me heal; when doctors could do nothing.