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  1. I am doing it right now, going slowly through it. Excellent way to learn, highly recommended!
  2. http://www.energyarts.com/dragon-and-tiger-qigong-online-course
  3. Question about Astragalus and CFS/ME

    Hi guys! Thanks for all the answers! First of all: Of course I've been to doctor's, I've probably taken every tests there is, the diagnosis I have is not one I've given myself but it has been given me by doctors. Because of chronically shut sinuses I even had surgery which didn't help on overall condition, but I guess at least it's opened my sinuses. It has lead to a lot of pain for several months though. Chronic Fatigue certainly isn't a bullshit disease, I'm sorry to say, but unless you've been on the receiving end of it or know someone who has it you cannot say anything about it. That doctors are baffled by it's cause is not the same that it's bullshit. Norwegian doctors have actually had success in treating it with an immunosuppressive drug, showing it is a physical disease and not some "all in your head" disease, even though I'm not sure the best solution is to turn off the immune system... Yes, I know about nutrition's role in it all, I've just recently switched to a Paleo diet and eat lots of healthy meats and fish, oils, nuts, tons of vegetables and some fruit/berries. Hoping that will help a lot too. As for different immune boosters etc., yes, I've probably taken them all. Colostrum, garlic, oreganum oil, Citricidal etc. etc. Doesn't really feel like there is an infection present, but as I said, hard to know sometimes because some doctors believe a low-grade infection to be a cause of CFS/M.E. Also done intravenous treatments with minerals and vitamins, reflexology, healing, acupuncture, osteopath etc. etc., some has had some effect but nothing has removed this condition. I got the herbs as mentioned, and maybe I was unclear, but I'm not just looking to take Astragalus, I had a TCM herbal doctor prescribe just the right herbal blends for my condition. The big problem is that she later said that the tonic one (which will strengthen my overall condition) does contain Astragalus which you should not take if you have an infection present. I know these will help my kidneys/adrenals, but it's so damning not to be able to take them... She said it's hard to know if there is an infection present, but later I've learnt that it's primarily if there is a fever present you should not take Astragalus, so I'm trying to get an answer from a TCM herbalist on A) Can I take them even if I have CFS/ME and MIGHT have an infection present but no real symptoms and fever? and If not, how could I know whether or not I have an infection present from a TCM view? I have no signs of an infection from a Western point of view, low CRP count etc. Also have gone on several ronuds of antibiotics and prednisone against the sinuses before surgery, which I was very against but in the end you are willing to try everything in the hope something will help... So first of all: Thanks for all the advice, please just let it flow! Second of all: Hope someone trained in TCM herbal medicine will be able to answer me on this! If you know someone please reach out to them for me and ask? I'm desparate to know, it's so sad to have great herbs sitting here and not be able to take them... Thanks guys!
  4. I was just wondering, I read some people say that you should take Astragalus when you have an infection, and others say you shouldn't, what is correct? Got diagnosis from a TCM herbal doctor who prescribed herbal tonics for me: I've gotten diagnosis of CFS/M.E. after an hard round of flu or something, immune system been shot for year basically, but past year after getting CFS/M.E. I have low immunity, low energy, dizziness and other-worldy feeling, feel like my head is in a "fog" sometimes and that I have to really concentrace to focus on something, and this of course only drains my energy further... Ejaculation really takes out my energy and leaves me with flu-like feeling and sore lower back, throat and knees for 4-5 days I guess. Also foggy-headed. Ejaculation problem has been there since probably 6-7 years back. Also get nightly emissions if I am extra weak and when I try to go longer without ejaculation. Also hair loss started early in me, I'm 30 now. Thing is: Would it be good to use Astragalus with kidney tonics for me? As I've heard it they should not be used with infection, and I don't know if CFS/M.E. might still be a lingering infection deep down? I sometimes feel like something's breaking out, low-grade fever and joint aches etc., but could also be low immunity. Sometimes it just passes the next day too, so I've read it could also just be the kidney deficiency symptoms? So how could I know if Astragalus could be taken or not? Want to really boost my immune system so my body doesn't succomb to any infection so easily, which again drains energy and feels like I never get to recover...
  5. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    But are they drills or a form or what? And would they be suitable for someone who doesn't know much (anything) about using the chinese straight sword?
  6. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Sounds very interesting, would you say it's in a "physical" way, that is, you can definitely feel it when you've got it? What would be the benefits of connecting the ldt to laogong, more power? Would it be a stepping stone to vibrating palm? What about the sword drills, what is on the DVD? A form, small drills? Would one have to know something about using the jian before? Thanks again brother!
  7. DGS's Dizzying DVD Collection

    Hey man, I've been sniffing at this DVD... I got a few DVDs from DGS already, but I wanted to focus only on the basics so I'm doing Bagua Basics DVD by Sifu Ray now, and will progress to his new Heaven Palm DVD after that, before I dive into vibrating palm and whipping palms. However, I found it very intruiging what you said about connecting palms to ldt... How is that taught, using only mind or physical exercises/qigong? Also, what is taught on this DVD? Is there a form, basic exercises with the sword or mostly theory and points to cut etc.? Thanks man!
  8. Taoist Bed Chamber Arts?

    Does he write about bed chamber arts in there as well?
  9. cold baths/showers

    I used to do this every morning but then a lot of people said it drains your kidneys so I stopped, as I have weak kidneys... Anyone want to comment? Perhaps this isn't so after all?
  10. Hair Growth Recipes

    This was just released and I think it's quite interesting: http://immortalhair.forumandco.com/t6766-rejuveplex-hair-loss-and-anti-aging-serum-information
  11. If I may, I think this might be a misunderstanding? I think they thought you meant "whole body moves" that everything moves instantenously, and I think what they are saying by "sequential" is that everything does not move at once, the wave is initated in the feet and travels upwards into the hands etc. At least that's how I read this, you both mean the same thing? That no movement is generated in itself, the arm doesn't just move itself, it's moved by the movement of the whole body, but there is a slight delay, the wave is initiated in the feet and then moves the hand a split second later. Just my two cents.
  12. Baguazhang Training Wheels

    Hey man, Your posts have been very inspiring to me, and I'll take up Bagua again myself too (dabbled in it before), in part because of your inspiration! Got the new DragonGate Bagua Basics as well as Heart of Bagua and Whipping Palms on the way. I think this man was talking from what he knows in their system? In Fu Style they practice Liangyiquan first I believe (which is a form made by Fu Zhen Song, a blend of different internal arts), then Taijiquan and then Baguazhang. Now, this might be a good way to go about it, as I've seen the Liangyiquan form on Youtube, and it looks like a good way into the internal arts. However, that you have to start with Taijiquan and then go into Baguazhang... I don't think this is the case. I've no doubt it works good, as they do it in the Fu style, but from my lineage (Montaigue) I actually think a beginner might have better luck defending himself learning Baguazhang for the first year then Taijiquan for the first year. I also think it varies a great deal depending upon the person, some might be better off starting with Taijiquan, some with Baguazhang. And I think the easiest (even though I've never practiced it) way into internal arts for beginners might be Xingyiquan.
  13. Burning Palm - Nomad Fighting System (clips)

    Thanks for great advice Sifu Garry! I agree, I've changed my diet and try to get in a lot of berries and good stuff as well. Just to clarify: I still have sex with my girlfriend more than once a week, just that I then don't go all the way to ejaculation. But no special techniques, just stop to cool down for a sec before continuing. Trying to build myself up to the point where I don't have to worry about these things. I think as you say being too obsessive about these things just further aggravates it, and may have been in part causing this problem in me (reading about losing Jing at age of 18 and then getting scared of losing it etc.), as worrying will deplete kidneys. Getting a long term girlfriend and love into the equation has helped a great deal! Love conquers all I guess, ehh? Thanks again Sifu Garry, like your down to earth way of being!
  14. Burning Palm - Nomad Fighting System (clips)

    Thanks for your answer Sifu Garry! I agree, I have problems with my kidneys as per TCM, so I limit my ejaculations to usually once per week, but I find that the "side effects" from ejaculating are much less severe if it is with my girlfriend, than alone (which very rarely happens anymore) or involuntarily in my sleep. It's like my gift to her, and I believe, even though she is not into cultivation and energy work, that her love then gives energy back to me. Any suggestions for exercises that strengthen kidneys and build more yang?
  15. Burning Palm - Nomad Fighting System (clips)

    Very interesting Sifu Garry! So does your system use any special techniques to retain semen, or just recommend that you do not ejaculate too often? What was your teacher's views on this? Interesting to hear about this from a traditional Kung Fu master as well (as most I've heard about haven't brought up the issue of sex), and not just from Taoist meditation masters. Cheers!