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  1. It seems that the OP is very much a vajrayana fan. In my humble opinion, there are zealots in every tradition and some of the vajrayana students can be among the fiercest zealots out there. Everybody has a right to live the lifestyle and practice in the manner which they wish. Yet the OP and his many opponents of the monastic lifestyle can't seem to tolerate each other's lifestyle and practices. If people want to practice as a Ngagpa (lay practitioner) then maybe the OP has no right to criticize other people's free will to practice in the way which they want to as long as they don't harm others and infringe on the rights and free will of others. A lot of people's karma in the outside mundane world have not been extinguished yet and maybe this is why they need to practice in the outside mundane world to finish clearing up their karma before they can see the benefits of leaving the outside mundane world. Similary, if the OP wishes to practice spirituality as a celibate monk, the rest of the people have no right to criticize the OP's free will to practice in the way he wishes to as long as he doesn't harm others and infringe on the rights and free will of others. The OP should be more compassionate for people who have not extinguished their karma yet. For eg, yes we can say the ex-alcoholic woman is responsible for her own drinking problems but the high enough master know that no one in the world will willingly drink themselves to suffering health problems and even death. Some talk of swimmers and flyers in other thread but if the OP is high enough, which I think he is not, the OP will see that it is the swimmers and flyers, the spiritual thought forms which are influencing most humans in possible negative behaviour. The OP may be smart enough to run away from problems of the outside world and he may be strong enough to fight off the swimmers and flyers pulling him to stay in outside world but this doesn't mean OP should have no compassion for people who are not strong enough to fight off influences of the outside world. Where is your compassion, OP? Buddha teach about loving kindness but you already betray principal principle of buddha teachings. Maybe the OP and his opponents should take a good look in the mirror. No one in the world can decide what lifestyle or what life other humans should have. Otherwise we become like bad bad government telling everybody what to do and what not to do and I know many people in the world do not like government telling them what to do and what not to do. Respect free will and free choice everybody please!
  2. It is funny you talked about this. I am a visitor of Project Avalon sometimes. The topics which they talked about are out of this world. ETs, Free Energies, Spaceships, Time Travellers, Meditation, Siddhis, What-have-you.. Someone in that forum posted about envisioning new timelines for humanity's future. Now there is this timeline which a forummer posted which sounds very similar to your philosophy. I can't find that other forummer's post but is it possible that you know the other guy? Anyway, the timeline which he posted went like this. In the near future after 2012, there will be machines giving out free energy and robots doing the manual labour for humans. Since present financial systems have been rigged to only benefit a few rich people, the whole economical and financial systems will be changed and each person in the world will be given a huge sum of money. Maybe 10 million dollars each? Who knows. Everybody, instead of working at jobs, will start to meditate for at least 6-12 hours everyday to develop their consciousness and siddhis. In less than a decade's time, every human on this planet will use their consciousness and siddhis to operate sci-fi magical other-dimensional technology like star gates. Every human will possess siddhis of the past masters including the ability to time-travel at will. Healing and telepathic abilities will be as easy and as common as breathing ait. It does not matter whether a person is married or not. Nobody will care whether they are married or not, rich or not or if they have any kids or family. The adults will look upon all children as their own sons and daughters even if such children are not borne out of their own seed. They will look upon all older people as their own fathers and mothers even if these older people are not their own biological parents. The humans in the future will only care about how high a person's consciouness is and not judge whether if a person is which race, which gender, which religion, which sexual orientation, which planet's citizen, whether married or not, whether rich or not, whether he is gay or straight and so on and so forth. Because in the future right, every person will use consciousness to interact with each other, so it very easy to judge each person's level of consciousness. Mother Earth will be completely open to benign visitors from other planets and dimensions, regardless of the appearance of these ET visitors. The rule is, as long as you are loving and friendly, any ET can set up home on planet earth and is allowed to live his or her or its own lifestyle without being judged by others. Other-dimensional technologies will be brought into Earth so fast that technology will change every second. Humans will have the opportunities to interact with other planets and dimensions. What'a more importantly, they will learn from other planets and dimensions unique skill-sets and philosophies. Earth will be a huge melting pot of different races of humans and ETs. Anyway, this is what he wrote. Sounds like you will fit into this future earth like a glove. Are you sure you are not a time traveller?
  3. A friend told me I can get my answers here. Looking for some qigong styles with pranayama breathing yogic techniques. Which ones should I learn?
  4. Hi all how do you PM members?

    Just found this very interesting forum a few days ago. May I ask how do you PM members? My PM feature seem to be disabled.