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  1. Major life turning points

    Have you had a major life turning point where you feel you reached the bottom and you couldn't get any lower and then some kind of philosophy changed your life? I've had several of these. My first was when I was about 5 years old and I laughed at a kid in school for having his t-shirt on inside out, everyone looked at him and stuck up for him as he actually didn't - Then they pointed at me and laughed at me for having my t-shirt on inside out. I looked down at my t-shirt and to my horror, it was...I could have felt embarrassed, however I felt as though I swallowed the red pill and had landed in the matrix to discover karma.
  2. Something that continues to amaze me are video's on autistic people with almost superpowers, their level of talent is just incredible. I keep wondering what makes these people so talented?
  3. Hey folks, I was just wondering what is your current philosophy, what brought you there and what philosophical practices do you engage in? Also what experiences have you had in meditation or any other time, I love hearing these amazing stories.
  4. Hello fellow Taosists.. I've read a lot about scientific evidence about how love stimulates higher brainwaves, how it improves health and everything. It's probably the reason why all those cliches on love are made, in effect I think few people really understand love, there may be glimpses in our poetry and music but there are very few people that really understand and cultivate an abundance of this prescious elixir... Obviously in pop culture we've been conditioned to believe that love is our trophy wife and 2 kids and a dog but as taoists we know that love is part of the infinite energy that comes from the infinite well of nothingness... So I have a few questions for you people...Please answer anyone of them or all of them if compelled... What are you experiences with true love? Has it healed you in anyway or helping your meditations? I find it hard to find inspiration for creating love, is creating love while in meditation as good as feeling love for when you see a beutiful rainbow or something in nature? Or is this love a fake kind of love? If it's not a fake kind of love, would you say to build love, would the best thing to use be something of symbolic importance such as the yinyang or diety? Thankyou.
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    Happy to be aboard your great forum...