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  1. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Cat, I can vomit in your face. You are so disgusting.
  2. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    hank you Shanlung, I have read your post about wu-wei in your blog. Wonderful post. While reading it, I remembered Koichi Tohei, who died last year. He was 10th dan Aikido master, emphasizing the importance of Dan Tian, which he called One Point. I love his books. I did not practice any martial art, but I would like to practice Aikido. Of course, taijiquan is much more developed inner martial art. It takes years of practice to master it. Best Regards,
  3. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    You are not hostile. You are just controlled by Satan. No big deal.
  4. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Thank you Shanlung, Please allow me to correct one point. The person you mentioned is not the Haliph in Baghdad but rather was Ala ad-Din Muhammad II, ( He was the ruler of Khwarazmian dynasty ( Details of the campaign can be read: ( They were located todays Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Iran. They were muslim and Turkish. They were neighbours of Mongols and they of course knew their power. The raid on Baghdad was done by Hulagu Khan grandson of Genghis Khan, in 1258. (
  5. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Cat, The problem is not ignoring Stosh and Viator. The problem is you. You are incredibly unfair.
  6. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Since you love Turkish food, you may do double standards and be unjust? Interesting affect
  7. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Cat, There is no meaning to stay on this forum. You are defending Viator because a) He is Westerner, I am not He is Taoist (????), I am not c) His English is better than mine d) All of above It is apparently (d) SereneBlue, Do not ever make any arguments about my perception of double standards.
  8. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Stosh, Then tell me which line I crossed? You are also hostile to me anyway, answer me
  9. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Cat, Previously after Viator's report you have posted to me: And now, you are not posting anything against Viator although I am reporting him to you. May I learn the reason of this double standard?
  10. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Dear Shanlung, Thank you very much for your post. Actually, I could not find the notes of the speech between Genghis Khan and Qiu Chuji. I have read it previously in the website However, The main page is active but address doe not work. So I could not copy the dialogue between the two. If you are a Chinese speaker, may be you may get it from the Chinese web site For this reason, I have written from my memory. I am sorry if I made any mistakes. But as far as I remember, Qiu Chuji has really warned Genghis Khan about his karma. I am Turkish, living in Turkey. Genghis Khan is also a part of our history since the initial tribes forming his state were Mongol and Turkic. However, Genghis Khan's armies have really performed the largest massacre and responsible of civilian deaths. In 1220, world population was much less than World War II time population. It is difficult to estimate but as a percentage, he may be responsible for the death of higher percentage of world population compared to Adolf Hitler. Especially, western Central Asia including the cities of famous silk road were massacred completely by his armies. Even his sons and grandsons continued this tradition and in Anatolia where modern Turkey stands, they did really big massacres killing muslim Turks. Finally, in 1256 A.D. Mongol armies killed the people of Baghdad and burned famous Baghdad library which is a crime against human culture. Best Regards,
  11. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Cat, He is still offending me.
  12. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Dear Viator, Sorry. No contact with you. Your style of writing is still provocative ("You seem to continue to misunderstand the concepts that I tried to make clear to you earlier" this sentence implies that I am silly so I can not understand the concepts) It seems you know Taoism better than Grand master of Mo-Pai and Quanzhen master Qiu Chuji. Congratulations. Cat, Where are you? I did not mention Viator's name and he is still offending me? Will you keep your silence and continue to give undercover support to Viator? You were very quick to issue a warning to me? SereneBlue, Viator is still offending me. I am curious about your reaction. Am I right mentioning the double standards or not? Could you please change my perception?
  13. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    As a second example, I would like to replace Adolf Hitler with Genghis Khan. If you compare Genghis Khan with Mother Teresa. Genghis Khan has fulfilled his desires, he got the ultimate political power, he conquered almost all Asia. Thus, he fulfilled his desires. If, I am repeating, If (this is a conditional sentence) Mother Teresa has more unfulfilled desires than Genghis Khan, she should have generated more karma than Genghis Khan? A definite No! here. Genghis Khan is the murderer of millions of people. He has served his nafs and also served Satan. (Nafs as in sufism) He has generated much much more karma than Mother Teresa. The famous Quanzhen sect Taoist master Qiu Chuji has visited Genghis Khan 1220-1221 A.D. and warned him that he has generated lots of karma by ordering death of so many people. ( From these two examples, you may understand that Taoist masters (real taoist masters) are well aware that committing sins generate karma. Bigger the sin, bigger the karma.
  14. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    I want to give a different example of committing sins and generating karma is correlated and generating karma is not a function of unfulfilled desires. As far as I remember, in the book Magus of Java by Kostas Danaos, the story of John Chang's master was told. He was from a village. There was another neighbour village and two villages were quarreling about water source as they have drought. Anyway, when he was level 30, he returned back to his village from the Taoist monastery to see everybody including women and children have been recently killed by the other villages warriors. Then, he went to other village and killed everybody like the angel of death. Kostas Danaos thought that George Lucas used this idea in "Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones", Anakin Skywalker killing the tribe of Tuskens. When the master regained his senses after the massacre, he was worried for his soul because he has generated a lot of karma and as a Taoist, he knew the consequences. Now by killing everybody in the village, the master fulfilled his desire. eeee? He should not have generated karma? On the contrary, by committing this great great sin, he generated lots of karma. So committing sin and generating karma are closely correlated.
  15. Approval seeking and Wu wei

    Thank you for your support. You have a clean heart which is a very important asset.