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  1. thank you for the true friendship and sharing of art.

    just another lifetime that our paths cross

  2. Super Moon March 19

    Not sure if it is appropriate or ironic that on this last full moon of 2011, that myself and Zerostao will be making a midnight drive down to Atlanta. Very interesting year to say the least. Arab Spring, Japan, in 3 weeks we begin 2012 but that is a subject for other threads. I wish All the Best and a Safe Ending to All Tao Bums for the rest of 2011. Year of the Rabbit winding down. Year of the Dragon coming soon.
  3. Global Revolution!

    "A wise man does not accumulate for himself. The more he uses for others, the more he has himself. The more he gives to others, the more he possesses of his own. The way of heaven is to benefit others and not to injure." -Lao-Tzu (c. B.C. 550) Thought this deserved repeating.
  4. Global Revolution!

    My earlier concerns about how the police are treating Americans who are exercising their First Amendment Rights have not gone away. If peaceful non-violent protesters become physically abused, what message is that sending? JB, Your earlier complaints to me about congressmen having insider trading advantages is a good point. There is not a damn thing wrong with someone who has found themself in the top 1% if they have played by the same set of rules that the 99% has to abide by. It is suggested however that some of the top 1% do have special access, corporate welfare laws, and tax advantages that the rest of us do not have.(rigging) Many of our richer folks do try and help out in a very generous manner, others do not. I do not think it should ever be forced upon anyone to help out their fellow man. One of the great things about this country is that one has the chance to go from rags to riches. It might be useful for someone who is on their way up to treat the folks they pass by with some respect and compassion. Because sometimes what goes up will come down and those same folks one passed by on their way up they will most likely meet again on their way back down. Going from riches to rags is another great possibility in this country. Using labels IMO like buddhist,taoist,christian,democrat,republican,independent,scholar,bum,socialist,communist,capitalist, are all useless. Just try and be self-reliant. No one ever promised it would be easy. Be good neighbors and check on the folks around you. Be it the elderly or whoever. In this country it is useful to have friends, trusted allies, partners in crime, be a part of something for mutual benefit. A lone wolf does not fare too well , especially when they would prefer someone bring them their meal instead of hunting for it. It is my view that the 99% expect to work hard for what they expect to be able to earn. We used to want to educate our youth. Now it seems we want to bury them in debt. One thing that happened yesterday when the super committee failed to do anything. Is that now it will be automatic that the Clinton years Tax rates will go back into effect. Like I said, nothing wrong with being the top 1%. Just play by the same rules the rest of us play by. A 99% ravenous wolf pack is un-imaginable?, Right? Some band call themself Pink Floyd was mentioned earlier in this thread. Well Roger Waters at least.....
  5. Global Revolution!

    "or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances." Or Not? Shouldn't the Police be required to take an oath to protect the citizens of the United States? Should the Police be required to take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States?
  6. "Spirit" - what is it?

    @Todd and Wuji108 Isn't Ling the spirit of being which acts upon others? Representing emotional comphrehension and understanding? While alive it is your intelligence and wisdom, and when you die it is the spirit of your ghost. Ling Shen is "supernatural". Qi is the source that nourishes Ling. Ling Qi is "super natural energy, power, or a force." Ling Gen is the life and foundation of a spiritual being. @realfastcat The spirit of No-Thing-Ness means that there is no such thing as relying upon anything outside of your individual mind. YOU are the spirit of the Thing Itself. Simply Be.
  7. Many humble thanks..

  8. Brother,

    Your contributions to this forum are greatly

    appreciated. Live Well.

  9. The Supernaturals

    Word. I also understand that 99.98% will never undertand this.
  10. Kuan Yin Magnetic Qigong

  11. Poverty apparently fuels higher birth rates. 99% (not an exaggeration!) of population growth occurs in the developing world. The 48 countries identified as the least developed expect to triple in population by 2050.
  12. Entry-level Taoism?

    Keep visiting The Tao Bums website/discussions! Check out the sub-forums The Tao Te Ching , Chuang Tzu, Nie-Yeh. Check out the Pinned Thread in the General Discussion area: Resources:Books, Links, Articles, Movies. I agree with the recommendations of Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming and Bruce Frantzis. Ken Cohen's "Way of Qigong" is another good entry level qigong book. Without debating origins on this thread, Find a Tai Chi Chuan class, book, and or Dvd. There is much debate about different Tai Chi Chuan teachers, schools, styles. Do not concern yourself too much about this. For a beginner , again Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming is a decent choice. My personal favorite Tai Chi Chuan book is Cheng Man Ching's "13 Treatises on Tai Chi Chuan" Another favorite book of mine is Chang Chung-yuan's "Creativity and Taoism" Steady consistent progress over time is the correct approach. Beware of claims of fastest or most powerful. There are public teachers on this forum who do have enthusiastic loyal students that are also on this forum. Some cheerleading and some bickering goes on here. Do not concern yourself too much with that either. Also i suggest that you check out some of the Buddhist threads. (( again there will be some bickering)) In time you will find what resonates best for you.
  13. Super Moon March 19

    Sure did. Japan affected again but let's hope that this 6.8 magnitude at a depth of 138 miles near Okinawa will be the worse of it.
  14. fastest route to flexibility

    What did we find out ? How long did you use these herbs ? Were they in a Tea or in Alcohol ?
  15. Going Tribal?

    This is the type of post I am trying to elicit. No-nonsense , practical, Taoist.