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  1. What has TaoBums taught you?

    Want to get the one bad one out of the way first... Even Eastern Religious practitioners can be full of crap. Western Religion doesn't hold a monopoly. This site helped me learn tons about Advaita Vedanta and Nonduality. Interesting posts on Taoism in all its forms. Amazing John Chang videos. Inspiring information about people from 12 step groups, later becoming fully involved in spirituality. Anytime you hear something unusual in spirituality, usually someone here knows something about it. This site is an invaluable resource for seekers.
  2. Telekenesis documentary

    Didn't James Randi totally debunk everything Uri Geller did years ago? I'm probably telling my age, but I remember an especially embarrassing moment for Uri on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.
  3. A Holotropic Breathwork Experience

    I tried some on my own (probably shouldn't have), almost instantly I felt a state of euphoria over me.
  4. A Holotropic Breathwork Experience

    Wanted to up this thread instead of starting my own. Wondering if anyone has any background in Holotropic/Shamanic Breathwork? Find it pretty interesting.
  5. Aggressive Evangelical Atheism

    If we agree on that point the rest is details to me. Cheers and thanks for your response.
  6. Aggressive Evangelical Atheism

    1.You could make the argument that religion isn't just about God. So, therefore a belief in God isn't to blame for the atrocities committed throughout history. 2. The reality was he killed and tortured several religious people. Do you think they taught him to do that in seminary? 3. How many anti-theists aren't atheist? 4. You missed the spirit of my original post. Blaming genocide on religion OR atheism isn't valid. Extremism in ALL schools of thought is a very dangerous thing.
  7. Aggressive Evangelical Atheism

    Fundamentalist anything is bad. When we stop listening, conflict consumes. Also, I don't want to hear about how atheists have never committed atrocities. Stalin? Mao? Pol Pot? I'm not saying all atheists or all theists are good or evil. Fundamentalists though? More evil than not.
  8. 'No self' my experience so far...

    I'm not really focused on the charlatans. Just mentioning them. Mooji does have some good stuff.
  9. 'No self' my experience so far...

    This very post sent me out on my quest to learn about nonduality. While the phiosophy is more than intriguing, I was dismayed to find how many charlatans are involved in it. But, you could say that about every and any ideology under the sun. There's a site called Buddha At The Gas Pump run by a guy named Rich Archer. He does a great job of interviewing Nonduality teachers, facilitators, guides, gurus etc. Anyone who is interested should check it out.
  10. What is the secret of being ultra smart ?

    Actually, this makes loads of sense to me. Sex is probably the number one distraction for most men (myself included). Coupled with the focus one can gain from meditation, I'd say your mind would be thirsty to use its new found powers. I could never be celibate though. As I get older I have noticed I'm not as hormonally challenged as I once was. Could be why I feel a bit smarter.
  11. No, disrespect meant. But, that wasn' for you.
  12. Debating Vmarco about anything Christian is a waste of time. He has a deep hatred for Christianity and will branch off from the original topic just to bash it more. Little will be gained aside from frustration.
  13. Horrible sexism? The "N" word in a post? I believe this guy might be an ascended master. Because it seems like he's posting from a cave in the 1920s. Sheez man.
  14. Can't get over my EX

    It takes time. Bad relationships can be a beast on the emotions. I had a bad breakup a number of years ago and for months it haunted me. I tried prayer and meditation and it really didn't help. What I found helped the most? Distraction. Especially, at night. Don't let yourself get too bored. You'll just sit there and marinate in your thoughts. Video games, thought provoking movies and or books, go out dancing, a sport you love etc. etc. Try to stay active as you can for a month. I promise you'll feel better. Now will it be 100% better? Certainly not. But, you'll be further along. That's the key. Time will take care of the wound. You just need to redirect yourself from the monkey mind in the meantime.
  15. Never knew that about Chuck. Interesting stuff. I do know Roy Nelson practices Kung Fu along with other arts. He can certainly take shots. Not sure if he practices Iron Shirt or not. But, he's got a granite chin for sure.
  16. Is violence justified

    I had a Kung Fu instructor (who was also a Zen Buddhist) tell me a story years ago that sort of reminds me of this situation. He said he was at war (I think Vietnam) and when he came up to an enemy he'd draw his gun and smile. He said most of the time, the enemy would smile back and drop their weapon. On a few occasions though, the enemy would raise their weapon and he'd have to shoot. I asked him how was he able to live with maiming and even killing others at times. He shrugged and said,"People choose their own karma." Not sure if this is applicable to your situation or not but I've been waiting years to tell this story. LOL
  17. I'm not speaking a anal-yzing...Seriously? Why not just say you agree if you see the point?
  18. Definitions shift and change. Its the nature of language. This was never about semantics. What I was saying is I can see how many would feel Taoist and/or Buddhist beliefs wouldn't fall under a Right or Left Wing Banner. Right and Left Wing as we understand them today. Must I be this explicit?
  19. Jesus, even when I agree with this dude he's gotta come at me. Let me give you an example...Say you make a thread about all native people from Hawaii hate white people. Many would would say that's not liberal. Its very stereotypical. Some would say not a very liberal way to look at things. But, say you're for gay marriage. So, you have a liberal viewpoint and an illiberal viewpoint. Some Buddhist Sects look down on homosexuality. Some don't. Can you say all of Buddhism is a liberal ideology?
  20. Do You Have A Hidden Agenda ?

    My agenda is the acquiring knowledge. Not really hidden. I have gotten caught up in some debates here. Which showed me that my ego is in serious need of heavy deflation. So, maybe my hidden agenda is realizing I need to kill the ego?
  21. East and West

    From what I've seen of Western Traditions some of them are just rebranded Eastern Tradition. I saw a woman once talking about "Christian" meditation. She said when you breathe in say "Jesus" and breathe out say "Christ". She's actually selling a book with this method. LOL As far as genuine Western Tradition outside of Christian Mysticism (which also heavily borrows from the East) and Kabbalah (don't know a bunch about it), I'm not sure there's much out there that's authentic. Rosicrucianism might be the oldest continual Western tradition. I know the current Druids aren't directly linked to the old tradition of Druidry. I'd venture to guess much of the knowledge was driven out of Celtic lands by Christians invaders.
  22. Who are the top people out there?

    I'm all about Thich Nhat Hanh. The man radiates love and compassion.