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  1. Kung Fu Panda Lawsuit: Terence Dunn v. Dreamworks

    Sifu Terry! I do not have any social media per se as I started using the web in it's infancy and we were taught to keep a low profile! If i did have facespook or what have you I would plug the plight you are in. I have however plugged you on a couple of forums in the past Must say mate its pretty damn inspiring to see that you are a man of conviction! Like anything on the Web this really won't help your plight legally, but I hope in another way it helps you when I compare you to Fugazi! Although we all have the time to debate inane rubbish like where the real master come's from as I found out via posting here for awhile age's ago... Few people stand up for the truth and stand on their own coniviction like you have Terry. Thanks for being who you are mate! PS I am subbed to Garry's channel and saw Doo Wai's Coco Break on a Padded Chair whilst performing a angled strike.. WTF?
  2. Teachers in Australia?

    What Bubbles Said is good advice It wont be easy, or lovey dovey... but it will train you with someone who knows way more than the lovey dovey crowd
  3. The Book is Free and Updated for Free along with the Participant knowing that its unfinished work. Some may believe it as gospel! and other's may not, but are willing to give consideration to the thought. Falling into the Trap of Smug Git's without Knowing what you are Smug About Perhaps? To accuse means you must understand where the person is wrong, and hence you should aid the person in the correct way of making the stone Perhaps?
  4. Thanks for your reply. Its well thought out and kind which is much appreciated There are other people who also have made what they believe to be 'the stone' and have had some intriguing results to say the least. My point I was trying to make is that people SHOULD keep an open mind to all. And as My Mentor States... Pegasus Research Consortium "The louder the opposition protests the more I know I am on the right track" "All truth passes through three stages. First it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third it is accepted as being self-evident". - Arthur Schopenhauer PS you should keep an eye on what Barry Carter is up to with ORMUS.
  5. Burning Palm System

    Hey Sifu Garry I'm very interested....BUT I have to get a good healing base within myself first with FP mate. I'm taking it your from the Wayne Gardner area? (sorry, tragic Stoner fan here...If only the guy knew the healing powers the title would be over now !!!) I was meant to be Taiwan in couple of weeks but its seems the Taiwan Branch of my Guild wants to stay here in Oz for now... a round about message huh From trying out Sifu Terry's Teachings as a "NEOPHYTE" in this area I have NO DOUBT Thee Burning Palm would be all that its meant to be and more! Cheers Sifu Garry! Shane EDIT Woops was tired last night
  6. Think about it a bit more! You are on a forum which is based on discussing "Thee Cultivation of CHI" Granted his work is not yet finished, but to be so brash in claiming his work is BS considering his 'intentions' are for the "better of people's Health" is quite limited wouldn't you think ?
  7. I never knew my comments section would turn into a classical music dissection area LOL

    I have a scanned PDF of a study done on 15th century RC thoughts on Chinese music and they concluded that the Chinese must have had access to Egypt. :o

  8. speaking of ol' Leopold, I just found the best- named blogsite in the entire internet:

  9. thanks for the Stokowski ... i remember seeing that in the early '50s introduced me to classical music ...

  10. Taiwan or China?

    Heya Bodyoflight Taiwan is a sublime place my friend... Do you know who this Bonafide practioner is? (I'm well versed in Mordeth13..the media had him up for crucifixion when I was over there) I love Formosa or otherwise known as Treasure Island amongst me Taiwanese Mateys
  11. Taiwan or China?

    OP Go with the "experts" and be happy after China go visit Taiwan.
  12. Super Moon March 19

    I'm looking forward to Super Moon I'll be picking Moon Berries
  13. Redhat Tibetan Buddhism

    Thanks for your valued and insightful input Last post from me in this thread
  14. Redhat Tibetan Buddhism

    Magical Techniques of Tibet by J.H BRENNAN might also be of interest! I must add that I do have books from all the authors that I have posted