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    I need some help! Do anyone knows if there is some english books by LIU WEN YING? Thanks ps. it seems they are all in chinese?
  2. Black Magic Spells

    hahahaha what a joke : http://www.blackmagicspells.org "It is engraved in my bloodline that I possess the ability to control spirits"
  3. Master Kwan Sai-Hung

    sorry my english is not so good, i just wonder what do it means? do this mean that Kwan Saihung was really learning at Huashan? What Master himselft?
  4. Nestorian books

  5. Christianity in very ancient China

    The Nestorian Documents and Relics in China by P. Y. Saeki
  6. Christianity in very ancient China

    With the head on the ground, o, Lord of Heaven we pray thee! ..... With the head on the ground we adore Thee, O, Pure-Teacher! We pray Thee, the God of Great Mercy and Sympathy, to save us from all the miseries of life! ...... these words are taken from the words by Lu Dongbin in his "Chrams and Athemas" from his 32 vol of "the complete works of Lu Yen, compilet by Liu T'i-shu in 1744. you can read this in the translation of the nestorian documents
  7. Call of the Great Spirit

  8. Call of the Great Spirit

    have you try Chief Black Elk books?
  9. Elohim

  10. It is great that in ancient china you find words in ancient texts or stones etc that speak that the Chinese had christian knowledge, and sure many were Christians. 1. 2. 3. 4. have you more videos or good info like this let me know
  11. Elohim

    you are wellcome
  12. Elohim

    I never had belive in reincarnation! I don't belive in reincarnation! I never going to belive in reincarnation!