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  1. New healer on the scene?

    shazan are you looking for emotional healing? From my experience that is very hard. I have had very good results by healers for physical issues, not so much for emotional issues One thing that has really helped me is the daily practice of Zhineng Qigong. The middle dantian is the seat of emotions. We call it the hunyun palace. The emotional center.
  2. New healer on the scene?

    I have had many healing sessions with Ooi Kean Hin. He is in Malaysia please google him He can see into a person's energetic system and pin point issues. Then offer remedies, which are Qigong exercises. He is well educated, a western trained pharmacist and also a Qigong master. He has written many books on Zhineng Qigong. He has a deep understanding of qigong. Please search his books on Amazon. He does Skype sessions, 25 minute session is only $35. Very affordable. Paid via Paypal It is an eye opening experience His email is: [email protected] website: Please tell him you were referred by New York Zhineng Qigong practice group. All the best, be well
  3. Jox, thanks for the links to soaring crane qigong and mantick chia. yes it appears Zhineng has elements from both. From what I have read, Dr. Pang, the creator of Zhineng, got his western style education in China and was awarded MD in the late 1950's. However not satisfied with the results, he started to study TCM in the early 1960's, then moved on to Qigong. He studied with 18 different Qigong masters. By the mid 1970's he had synthesized all that he had learned into what he called Zhineng (wisdom/intelligence) Qigong. Another 10-15 years of refinement and experimentation, he finally perfected his methods and opened the Hua Xia center, a teaching and research center, that also treated patients. Everything was very scientific, a new patient upon arrival was given a full physical exam, and metrics taken. For example someone with bladder cancer, an ultra sound machine was used to measure the size of the tumor. Then after 2-3 months when the patient was released, again a physical exam given and the size of the tumor measured. He recorded and documented everything for the 250,000 patients that were treated at his Qigong facility. What fascinates me with Zhineng is the use of that they call external Qi transmission. Dr Pang conducted many experiments, carefully recorded the results. --His students used external Qi on crops, the crop yields went up between 10%-30%. --They applied external Qi to batteries, the batteries charged more quickly and lasted longer. --Also applied external Qi to Iron ore production in factories. The iron ore was 10%-15% stronger when tested and measured. Zhineng Qigong along with other forms of Qigong are China's greatest gift to the world, it should be a source of great national pride in China. It doesn't make any sense for the Chinese government to shut everything down. They should be actively promoting this...
  4. Thank you for starting this thread. Zhineng Qigong is probably the best kept secret. I had never heard of it until recently. Dr Pang ran a medical Qigong hospital and research center in China for 10 years. Treated some 300,000 patients with over 180 different illness. Then alas Chinese government shutdown the hospital. The shutdown was around the same time the government cracked down on falun gong and other groups deemed a threat to the communist party. The main element that I believe makes Zhineng so effective is the use of mind to direct the Qi. The creation of a Qi field for healing purposes, and the exchange of Qi, releasing internal Qi and taking in external universal Qi. Dr Pang was a prolific writer, he wrote I believe nine(9) books and published a monthly newsletter. He also published all of his research case studies. Thankfully most of this books and ideas have been translated into English by Ooi Kean Hin and others. All of Ooi's books and DVD's are available via Amazon
  5. Bodhi Meditation

    Thank you XieJia for your post and well wishes. I am finding the meditations quite therapeutic. Here is a link to the meditation if anyone is interested. This is Ba Gua Walking meditation
  6. Bodhi Meditation

    So last week I attended couple of Bodhi meditation group sessions. The emphasis is all about health, the medicine Buddha. The postures are qigong like, but very heavy emphasis on visualizations and light. Then at the end, quite a bit of time spent patting the body. I have seen sifu Jenny Lamb also do the patting of the body with the hands, to open up channels. For me the results of bodhi meditation are quite positive. Just curious, if there are other qigong teachers that combine postures and visualizations? Could someone please elaborate, what happens when you engage the mind with visualizations, does this move the energy around better? Thanks
  7. Any long-term Zen practitioners in here?

    I once took a weekend zazen workshop, we were sternly told to keep our eyes half open. The reason we were told is to be present in the world during zazen, if this makes sense. Also I believe someone mentioned that neurologically eyes open vs eyes shut, very different effect on the brain surging zazen. Eyes shut the brain thinks you are ready for sleep.
  8. Bodhi Meditation

    hello, has anyone ever heard of or practiced Bodhi meditation? There seems to be similarities between qigong and this Bodhi meditation but also differences. Could someone please comment on this statement 'It channels universal energy rather than working with what’s within one person (Qi).' Master JinBodhi developed Bodhi methodology after spending eighteen years studying traditional philosophy and meditation on the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau of China. In 1991, he emerged from this period of intensive training to great acclaim as a meditation master. Is Bodhi Meditation we practice everyday the same as Qi Gong/Tai Chi? Bodhi Meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi were all born from the rich soil of 5000 years of Chinese civilization. Practiced properly, they can all induce health benefits. That being said, Bodhi Meditation is unique in the following ways: 1). It channels universal energy rather than working with what’s within one person (Qi). It transcends the genetic and physical limits of just one being by relying and drawing energy from the entire universe. 2). The entire human body is the receiver of this energy. The energy’s effects on the body do not rely on certain meridian paths or pressure points of the body, which are the common requirements for many types of the Qi Gong practices. Such requirements entail the need for close monitoring by experienced master for beginner practitioners. Devoid of such supervision, improper practices and adverse side effects have often been observed. Because of the simplicity of Bodhi Meditation, it can be safely practiced at home by beginners. 3). Tai Chi is a form of martial art. The full- length version has 84 continuous movements. The simplified version still has 24 movements. It will require a period of dedicated practice before a beginner can master it, while the Meditation of Greater Illumination— Bodhi meditation can be learned as quickly as within an hour.

    Very Impressive MythMaker! A good reflection of your practice. I hope you get that large space to showcase your work. PS. I am back in NYC, hope to see you around the groovy columbus park. all the best.
  10. Yuen Method?

    Well stated. I too have greatly benefited from Clarity's work, not just physical healings but other life issues as well. His compassion and modesty really shows. For me the concept of neutrality, something that I practice daily is indeed a very powerful one.
  11. Yuen Method?

    I suffered from chronic sinus infections. I contacted @Clarify who practices the Yuen Method, two sessions later, sinus infections cleared up and never returned. I wrote about it a while back in the healing circle. In the link above I talk quite a bit about the infection. how every winter it would infect my ear, and same drill every year, a trip to the ENT(ear nose throat) specialist. Him wanting to make an incision to drain the fuild in my ear canal. prescription allergy medications, antibiotics etc What makes this healing even more amazing, is that I have actually never met Adam (aka Clarify) or even spoken with him on the phone! All of this via email. Makes one wonder about the 'real' root cause of disease and the western approach of just taking care of the symptoms. All the best
  12. Summary of 14 years of Taoist Discussions

    good post marblehead. I agree, much can be learned from disagreements. for most part people are quite civil here at TTB electronic way of communicating is hard, at times it brings out the worst in people. I have seen that at work as well. people will say 'stuff' in emails, which they will never say in a face to face meeting, or even on the phone. so cameron, please don't take things personally. awaiting your return...
  13. Practices for downward flow

    This is a really good reply astralc. You have a good grasp of the issues involved. As someone who suffered from this for 20+ years, I have bad news. I agreee with you this is NOT easily fixable. The chances are quite remote that a student can fix this on his own. What I don't understand is why this Kundalini Syndrome effects certain people and not others? I mean, I would imagine, that most people start out in a haphazard way, without proper guidance etc. I would appreciate if you or others could shed some light on this. With me it started right away. In University, I joined my professor's Zen Meditation group, and right after the first session, I started getting sweaty palms, agitation, rapid heart beat....
  14. New healer on the scene?

    thank you for your recommendation, interesting read. I am glad you shared your personal account. late last year when I was looking for a distant healer, I looked into master chunyi lin and also michael lomax. decided to go with michael lomax. however michael was all booked up and reffered me to his student - Brion Beller. Brion just does amazing work, he has long running threads here, he is @kempomaster Another healer I have worked with, mostly for life issues is Adam Shifman, he is also here, goes by @clarity. In passing I mentioned to Adam about my sinus issue, in just one session he took care of the problem. I talk about it here(TTB) in the General Discussions--> healing circle forum. good healers indeed are hard to find. but those that are good, getting healing help from them is a no brainer for me. I continue my qigong practice, but these two healers are so much further ahead of me, it will take me 3-5 years of solid practice to catch up, if ever. all the best
  15. sorry to hear that. I am new to neuro3, but one thing i like is the mixing of frequencies. meditation modules start with alpha, then goes down progressivly as the session moves along. add few minutes of gamma to the mix, then back down to theta. someone said these monks showing gamma had 50,000 hours of meditation practice. given eight(8) hrs of practice a day, that is about 17 years. so plenty of time to open up the channels, build a solid bandwidth to handle the load. this sure highlights the dangers and potential misuse of technology to shortcircut 17 years of practice