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  1. Cause and Effect

    Karma, cause and effect, action and reaction (like in physics) . Nothing is random. Every effect must have a cause.That's just my 0,002 cents
  2. Thanks for the advice about the books Hugo , Good luck, Radu
  3. New Interview with Chang's Student

    Very interesting article . Jim is a very nice person indeed. Thanks, Radu
  4. It would be great if they would translate the book, to see some of the basic training methods of Longmen pai. Ken's blog is great. All the best, Radu
  5. Hi Hugo, Well..from what I understood from the article on wikipedia "Da Dao Xing'' and "Xing Da Dao" are two diffrent books..altough they sound like the same one , but I don't know chinese so maybe I'm wrong. Quote form wiki : "The Chinese version of <Opening the Dragon Gate: The Making of a Modern Taoist〉is named <Da Dao Xing>..." "By using contemporary languages, Master Wang teaches people parts of <Ling Bao Bi Fa> which is a book about Internal alchemy arts written by Zhongli Quan in Han Dynasty. The art of Master Wang's teaching were called "Internal alchemy of Ling Bao Intelligence Enlightenment". Another book named <Xing Da Dao> (means "Training for Universal Tao") was published in mainland China. In this book, the Master Wang's 20 years teaching philosophy and practices were recorded." Anyway , I'm planning to buy now Kosta's book "Nei Kung", and maybe "Opening the Dragon Gate". Thanks and good luck, Radu
  6. It would be great if his books about training("Xing Da Dao") would be available in english . David was also working on some books about cultivation, I wonder when he will release them.
  7. up coming event

    Great opportunity to meet Master Wang, I wish I would be old enough to join, but who knows..maybe in the future
  8. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Hi, About the book David writes under Wang Liping's guidance, do you know when it will appear? Thanks, good luck everybody.
  9. John Changs 1st Westerner student

    Great experiences.If you are willing to share some experiences, or stories it would be nice to hear them. Thanks Good luck on your path.
  10. Hua Tuo Traditional "Fight Doctor"

    Nice posts Brian.I can't wait for your book to apear. Good luck
  11. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Thanks, I wish you the same , Radu
  12. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Hello.Very interesting posts Sean, thanks.I hope I'll be one day David's student.I wonder if he knows wich will be his students and what will be the outcome of their training. Good luck, Radu
  13. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Nice to meet you all.Thanks for the advice and for clarifying some facts.Thank you Matt for your suggestions.But please stop arguing so much... Good luck to you all.
  14. "a student of "John Chang" "

    Thank you.Well Sean says that it is dangerous so I think I will stop posting about this subject on the forum. I'd be interested in meeting him though. Good luck to you all in achieving what you want.