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  1. 2045 is highly unrealistic for what they describe.
  2. My Little Pony

    Not sure if this has already been posted. second deadly sin.
  3. World of Debt?'>
  4. The Book of Aquarius

    Does it have the described characteristics of the stone? An antioxidant should only be able to prolong ones live and maybe help to appear to a certain degree younger but not de age the body.
  5. Ok, I see. Take 23 billion and destroy the remaining economy from germany and redistribute the US part in europe (germany got 1.4 billion from the Marhsall Plan). But I agree they could have acted less nice. Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Not sure what this is referring to. From what I know Germany had to do reparations in the billion areas with manufactory plants. There were other things like enforced labor, export of technology, know how, scientists, patents and such.
  7. I was referring to the Taoist method. Yes i had the impression that it was about tummo for the Buddhist version from the similarities of your description. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. Does the version you learned produce the same results? e.g. ability to dry sheets in the snow? Is it from the intensive seminars or does he teach certain things only to selected people?
  9. Cure for masturbation addiction

    Are you using any methods to transform or use the sexual energy? May I ask how long have you practiced sexual abstinence?
  10. Charisma & Women

    Charisma can have a connection to sex appeal but the one I'm refering to doesn't have a connection to facial symmetry. A strong self confidence is from my understanding also connected to certain chakras. The problem with real emotions is that its the job of the actor to do as if which would make it hard to decide how real the emotions are. Forest Whittaker is imho a example for a person with real charisma that doesnt have the perfect facial symmetry.
  11. Charisma & Women

    Imho they have a different kind of charisma. My question was mainly if I'm just not aware of the charismatic women or if there are much more charismatic men standing out in the movie branche. Could it be that men have to develope different chakras/channels stronger vs women to appear more charismatic? Thanks. I'm probably to young for the black & white ones as I don't know most of them. But I have added some of the others to my list.
  12. Charisma & Women

    The general premise I use here is that people with great charisma will have better chances being sucessfull over a longer period/with multiple movies. For all the actors there is a selection process -> as long as there are enough actors to choose from we should see some with the top characteristics. With "real charisma" I was refering to a person that affects people because of their energies, aura, presence and such. The alternative would be someone that is charismatic in the way they behave or talks to you.
  13. Charisma & Women

    For Uma Thurman I had always the impression that a little bit is missing or that she lacks in confidence. Don't know why. But she counts. Yes, lots of men and still far less woman. I wonder if this is mainly from the actor selection process of hollywood or if this is a general tendency.
  14. Charisma & Women

    If a person has real charisma it should affect a lot people. Chi, shen, chakras, the aura, energy channels and what one radiates should play a great role for this. One of the best areas to find charismatic people seems to be the movie branche as it is one of the qualities that would help greatly to be sucessfull. Now whats strange: I can easily name a handfull of men that from my impression are partially sucessful in the movie branche because of their charisma. But I have a hard time with women. Not sure if I'm biased but any ideas, similar or different impressions? Examples for charismatic women in movies? My best explanation so far is that women are casted mainly for their appearance. But there should be at least some with charisma+look and the appearance of men counts also just not so strong.