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  1. Hello Everyone

    Thanks for the warm welcome. Anyone needing healing, gladly let me know
  2. Hello Everyone

    Hello everyone! My first day at TTB Had been searching for such a forum since a long time and boy am I glad to find you all! Just to give a brief idea about myself - been walkin on earth since 26 years, been involved in various kinds of 'psychic' stuff since the age of 10. Apart from my professional life, I am a Reiki Channel, Crystal Therapist and a Tarot Reader. I am quite interested in extending my energy boundaries to various levels. Am keen on experimenting with new stuff. Would be more than glad to share my experience with others if it helps. Just on a closing note, I have been feeling an insatiable urge to expand my power levels(for no reason). I have been browsing through forums and trying various methods ranging from meditation, Qi gong, Tai Chi and loads of stuff. I hope someone experienced would help me by guiding me to the proper resources. Love and Light to all, HealingPhoenix