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  1. Micro Cosmic orbit

    Greetings, interesting thread. I have several questions if I may. Firstly I have been practicing the mco, big draw in which I am able to draw the energy up to my skull (and recirculate it to the tan tien) when nearing orgasm but do not experience any form of pleasure. Is the big draw's purpose to avoid the muscle contraction based orgasm all together, or intended to draw the normal orgasmic energy up while controlling the actual contractions, either mentally holding off the tension or through clamping the pc muscles. What I'm experiencing is a draw of energy up the spine that can be quite heady but not pleasurable, but upon any further stimulation I quickly return right near the point of no return, making me wonder if I am actually not drawing the full force of the energy up, because I wish to have an internal "release" and the ability to keep going without any energy loss, while at the same time avoid nearing the the next peak so quickly. Thanks, I have several more questions but I'd like to start with the big draw.
  2. Hi

    Hi new member here, interested in taoist studies, qi gong, martial arts. This site looks well put together and clean. Looking forward to posting.