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  1. Any Longmen Pai people in London [UK]?

    Also, fyi, MarcD does not support any incorrect attitudes; he remains neutral. It is together that we support Master Wang best; without ego, prejudice or dominion.
  2. Any Longmen Pai people in London [UK]?

    Dear Bamboo, Sorry you have to witness the egotistical "authorized" rattle; some things don't seem to improve, even with time. By now, it is common knowledge that it is Ms. Kong Lingying, Master Wang's disciple in Dalian, who together led the first successful Master Wang Intensive in April and August 2010 with Jeannette Ho from New York,'> Ms. Kong and Jeannette speak very fondly of you, they say you completed the April 2011 Intensive and have an intensely focused practice. As all of Master Wang's students know, domestically in China, Korea and abroad, it is with acknowledgement to Ms. Kong Lingying that the initial April 2010 Intensive was organized with friends of Jeannette to study with Master Wang; thereby enabling all future Intensives including the one you attended this past year. Kathy Li's desire to be the only authorized disciple, has no bearing on the fact that continues to prep and bring seekers of mastery to study directly with Master Wang. Due it its success, Kathy simply realized that she should join in on the support of future April Intensives as she recognizes her huge mistake in not supporting the initial April 2010 Intensive. Jeannette had asked Kathy directly to help organize it, and she refused, yet Jeannette was able to find a avid Master Wang supporter in Ms. Kong Lingying, a faithful Master Wang student who lives the practice in Dalian, China. Kathy primarily addresses the administrative news and promotions online. The focus of is on actual practice and prep for aspiring students. During Master Wang's Intensives, it is Ms. Kong who leads the morning walks with swift grace and competence and also has very good command of English translation. Studying with Master Wang is beyond ego and dominion. Please disregard any unenlightened behavior and best wishes for success to you.
  3. Thanks for posting the exact times for the Solar Terms for the remainder of year :-). Practice during the Solar terms for greater progress: Time Zone: DST (please change according to your time zone) 2011 April 5 11:19 DST 2011 April 20 18:24 DST 2011 May 6 4:31 DST 2011 May 21 17:30 DST 2011 June 6 8:34 DST 2011 June 22 1:22 DST 2011 July 7 18:46 DST 2011 July 23 12:14 DST 2011 August 8 4:33 DST 2011 August 23 19:19 DST 2011 September 8 07:31 DST 2011 September 23 17:02 DST 2011 October 8 23:15 DST 2011 October 24 2:28 DST 2011 November 8 2:33 DST 2011 November 23 00:00 DST 2011 December 7 19:30 DST 2011 December 22 13:33 DST
  4. Mozi Neidan Scam

    Kathy Li is pathetically accusing Dragongatenyc of being the same person as theTaoBum. surely that is meant as a compliment, because he has impressive material, but certainly inaccurate. I would like to meet theTaoBum, he sounds like a really interesting guy! clearly Skyfly, Gaxtal, weweidao = kathy li. (kathy, please try to be with the tao; be reborn in each moment in order to let go of past grievances that you Yourself are responsible for. the world does not accept a twisted disgruntled teacher like yourself; you have much cleaning up to do. attacking others is Ugly and not with the Tao!) By now, everyone knows that the new student price is $3900, and the old student price is $3200. That's old news :-). More power to Kronos and Ken for being fair and objective when it's called for! We love our functional Tao Family xooooxooxox.
  5. David Shen Verdesi

    TaoBum, you are an intelligent, reasonable, seeker of mastery. Ken here acts like he's knowledgeable, but honestly, he is simply an old friend of kathy li and takes every opportunity to show his bias. Jeannette is a direct contact for Grandmaster Wang as she is the one who studies three times per year with Grandmaster but Ken studied but only once and thus knows nothing about what is 'official'. Ken's bias is reinforced by not having spoken with Grandmaster directly for about a year; since the April 2010 intensive! he has no basis to determine who is 'official'. Let it be known that Jeannette at Dragon Gate Academy in New York is every bit as Official as kathy. the only parties with this 'official problem' are kathy and kevin (husband) and yes, apparently their good friend, Ken. The New York branch supports Grandmaster Wang without ego. kathy seeks dominion; this is the difference. Jeannette was very kind and helpful to me because i am a full time student; she made it possible for me to study with Grandmaster. She is really an awesome person, an enlightened student volunteer receiving absolutely no financial compensation. i want to say that she is the REAL, serious student whereas some others just have serious ego issues. The New York branch is growing rapidly; the current students practice twice per week together as a group and look forward to attending the April 2011 Intensive. Very few students come only once to an Intensive with Grandmaster because they make so much progress that they naturally wish to progress even more. TaoBum, i do hope you will join us one day; for an Intensive directly with Grandmaster. the value will be made very clear to you; the practice is absolutely priceless. this cannot be compared to a disjointed, low vibe, egoistical, weekend retreat with kathy. see, clearly, 'more pie' didn't learn anything to encourage your attendance! after that weekend retreat, two years ago, he may never be motivated to study directly with Grandmaster. Sad.
  6. It is only kathy encouraging students to come December because she is angry with the April translator, Ms. Kong, for leading the first successful Intensive without her. Kathy asked to be the translator but Grandmaster decided the current translator makes a more appropriate representation, doing a very competent job, practicing diligently, has a very agreeable disposition, and has excellent command of english. If indeed kathy is a doctor, and authorized teacher, then she needs to stop hiding behind these so called titles and logins because Richard Liao did not post the above 'sleeping practice', kathy did this and without Grandmaster's consent because it is not safe for everyone to just start performing this practice without a proper introduction to the basic methods; this is for students who have already completed the foundation training. (personal insults edited by moderator)####
  7. Thanks for your good wishes; you sound like a yogi. Does Grandmaster speak of our dream state?
  8. i attended last year and we paid $3900 upfront on the first day of the Intensive. it's preferable to get that out of the way, i think. no one came for less than ten days and i don't think we are allowed to do that..
  9. how disgraceful. now at least all US students know not to waste their high hopes and can proceed directly to study with Grandmaster.
  10. oh this above here is laoziacademy posting again, yawn. why is it that i've never heard of you at the Intensive? I attended the august intensive because i was unable to make it to the april one. but during both times it is dragongate-academy who officially invited me and as one of the organizers, she attends all of Grandmaster's Intensives as you can see clearly in the photos. where was laoziacademy? there was NO ONE in attendance from laoziacademy. you didn't have a hand in either intensive so why do you need to take verbal credit? no one blames you for not organizing, you know. i don't think anyone really cares, can you understand that? so now you found a copy of our photo and spent three days to type up your message and post in order to respond to this taobums thread, to be exact, it was posted: 01-21-2011 06:26AM on http://www.longmenpa...rt-from-Romania please, i ask you kindly to stop trying to take credit for what's NOT yours. This is not the place to attack, especially you should be focusing on helping to promote our Grandmaster. --Moderators edit: personal insults deleted---